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Innovation in Alzheimer's Disease Research

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Martin Sadowski, MD, PhD

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Over 5 million Americans are presently living with Alzheimer’s disease, while an additional 7 million have memory problems, which puts them at high risk for Alzheimer’s disease. There is currently no effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease—which means that there is a critical need for new and innovative research to help us achieve our ultimate goal of preventing the disease entirely. Our ability to make breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s disease detection and treatment depends on the dedicated support of visionary donors who recognize the profound impact they can have on the future of medicine. For your consideration, we have outlined several opportunities, at various levels, which can be pledged over a multi-year period.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - $300,000

The addition of a postdoctoral fellow to Dr. Sadowski's team would be invaluable in our efforts to improve treatment options and test new therapeutics in Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Sadowski is deeply committed to mentoring young researchers, and considers these trainees to be of paramount importance to the laboratory's success. The postdoctoral fellowship would provide an opportunity for the selected fellow to pursue cutting- edge research in the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease and/or the development of new therapeutic agents to halt progression of the disease. The next two to three years will be critical in determining the overall success of this project, and Dr. Sadowski's team aims to develop as many potential applications and partnership opportunities with peer institutions as possible. A postdoctoral fellow will be crucial to moving these applications and potential collaborations forward. This opportunity can be fulfilled over a multi-year period, and will provide three years of postdoctoral support.

Research Fund - $200,000 

An unrestricted research fund will provide Dr. Sadowski with the ability to utilize support for the most urgent needs of the laboratory. This past year has been a time of promise for  research in Alzheimer's disease with a therapeutic by Biogen achieving success in late stage trials. Dr. Sadowski’s team was part of this trial, and continues to investigate ways to reduce the toxicity of potential immunotherapy agents. There is also great promise in research exploring how genetics can predict treatment success with various therapeutics. In order to pursue this type of research, Dr. Sadowski requires funding to forge formal partnerships with the Center for Human Genetics and Genomics at NYU Langone.

Laboratory Revitalization - $25,000-$100,000

In order to pursue new avenues of research, Dr. Sadowski and his team need additional laboratory equipment to compliment his current laboratory. Equipment required includes a centrifuge, microtome, microdialysis set up for real time monitoring of chemical changes in the brains of mice, and a state of the art fluorescent microscope. Support at the $25,000 to $100,000 level would provide Dr. Sadowski the ability to purchase some of this equipment to advance the research occurring in his laboratory.

Thank you for your consideration.

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding giving vehicles, please contact:

Heather MacLean

Senior Director of Development, NYU Langone Health

(212) 404-3661

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