Pancreatic Cancer Research Fundraiser in Honor of David Richer

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Pancreatic Cancer Research Fundraiser in Honor of David Richer

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I’d like to invite you to contribute to my fundraising campaign for NYU Langone Health. On March 11th 2022 the staff at our office will be donating their time and all proceeds from the day will go to pancreatic cancer research in Honor of David Richer who passed away this past January after battling pancreatic cancer for over a year and a half. Thank You in advance for your support. A special thanks to Dr. Shusterman and Dr. Oberstein and all the staff at NYU for helping Dave spend more time with his family we are forever thankful for your hard work and care.

This campaign supports: Pancreatic Cancer Research


Thoughts and prayers ❤️
Thank You to our staff for donating their time on March 11th and to our great patients for their generous donations. My family and I are very appreciative of your support and my father would be very touched by the kindness and generosity.

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