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Dr. Goldfrank, one of the fathers of Emergency Medicine, founded Project Healthcare in 1981 to give collegiate students an authentic experience as healthcare providers. Project Healthcare has trained and mentored nearly one thousand volunteers, students and soon-to-be healthcare providers at Bellevue Hospital Center and most recently NYU Langone Hospital–Brooklyn. 

Since its inception, Project Healthcare has been an immersive 10-week summer volunteer program for a national and international collegiate population interested in medicine to aid them in making educated medical-related career choices through clinical experience, education and community outreach. Participants learn to function as patient advocates while rotating in over 10 clinical rotations (primarily in Emergency Care), are educated through weekly meetings, lectures, special projects and presentations, and act as community members through community events, collaboration and service. Many patients cite their interactions with our volunteers as the best moment of their hospital visit. 

Project Healthcare is funded partially by grants and Emergency Medicine Department discretionary funding. Participating in Project Healthcare is 100% free for participants. We hope you can donate to help offset the costs in hosting a multidisciplinary and comprehensive program for over 65 college students every summer!

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