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Get ready for an event like no other!! The Event of the Season - Soiree 2017 Non-Event Event!

Your support is needed, your presence is not!

Help raise awareness for the MS Comprehensive Care Center/Pediatric MS Center at NYU Langone Health

Date: Through February 28, 2018

Place: The comfort of your own home!

We kindly request a donation based on what you would have spent!

  • No Silent Auction:     $200
  • No Ticket to buy:        $160
  • No Give or Get             $125
  • No New dress               $100
  • No Salon visit                $ 50

Thank you for your support!

MS Comprehensive Care Center/Pediatric MS Center at NYU Langone Health is a premier clinical research center focused on driving research to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. The Soiree raises much-needed funds to support research and a plethora of patient programs for children, adolescents and adults. Philanthropic endeavors also support the Teen Adventure Camp, a unique program offering adolescents the opportunity to put their MS behind them and just be kids. Efforts help raise awareness to further research with the goal to ultimately stamp out this neurological condition which spans across the ages.

Please join us in our quest for a cure.

With our sincere thanks,

The Soiree Committee


This campaign supports: Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Support


In honor of Jenni Rebetti, Tracey Stern, and April Reimer and your fight against MS
Love and prayers for Olivia!!
God bless Olivia and all who fight for a cure each and every dayâTM¥ï¸
G-D bless you ! Hereâ'TMs to a cure!
We love you and your whole family and pray that they find a cure asapâ'¼ï¸ð'¯ð'ðTMâTM¥ï¸
Good Luck, Kai. A great cause!
Prayers for a cure ðTMð»â¤ï¸
Find a cure for Olivia â¤ï¸
Keep up the great work!
Olivia, you are an amazing, beautiful and intelligent young lady who has shown the depths of courage and faith. I've no words other than to say I love you and know you will continue on a life of good, positive and successful goals. I just know it. xoxo
We are happy to support this cause. Allyson and Steven Shapiro

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