Zohar the Au-Star is supporting autism awareness at NYU Langone.

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Zohar the Au-Star is supporting autism awareness at NYU Langone.

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About My Campaign

This campaign supports Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital.

Zohar the Au-Star is helping by raising funds to support autism awareness at NYU Langone Health. Autism can be diagnosed by 2. However the average age of diagnosis is still over 4…

“Together, we will support NYU Langone Health because we want to enhance lives today by accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow…

Our greatest hope for the research we are supporting is to”

  • “raise awareness in early screening and early intervention”
  • “help families have appropriate access to services, interventions and resources immediately following diagnosis”
  • “provide the availability of better treatments “
  • “Early diagnosis and early intervention are critical to helping people with autism reach their potential, but educational, vocational and support services must be applied across the lifespan. Science has a critical role to play in creating evidence-based, effective lifespan interventions.”
  • “1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism every year. We sincerely thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of individuals with autism. Together we can change the game! “


In that spirit, I invite you to join us in raising funds for the important research happening at NYU Langone Health—research that has the potential to make so many wishes come true.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

This campaign supports: Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone

Your gift will support the most advanced medical care in New York City for babies, kids, and teens.


Wonderful Cause Zohar is truly an Au Star
Happy Birthday Zohar!!!
We support Zohar our "AuStar" champ! Happy Birthday! xoxo
Kennedy & Bryce
Let's create a new world together!
Paying it forward... Thanks for the inspiration, Zohar!
Zo Zo young fighter & King! May God continue to Bless you & let you light shine for others! Uncle Mike 🙏🏽

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