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Titanium's ride for Melanoma Research

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As many of you know, this past July, I was diagnosed with a desmoplastic melanoma, a rare and often deadly form of skin cancer that is a result of years of sun exposure. It is a type of melanoma that doesn't follow the "ABCDE" rules, and appeared as a small, non-pigmented "bug bite" on my collarbone area. It looked like nothing but it was indeed something. In January of this year, the "skin cancer" had spread into my breast and lung. I have had 3 surgeries, the last one being the removal of my left lower lung on March 10th. Due to my kick ass lung capacity, (a result of 550 prior Peloton bike rides), I was able to start pedaling on my Peloton home bike

4 DAYS after surgery. My lung surgeon had originally told me not to workout for 4-6 weeks but after seeing my post surgical progress, he gave me his blessing to get on my bike and  pedal slowly. Twelve days later, I was back at the Peloton Studio. I am proud to report I have hit my old Peloton bike output numbers a few days ago, just 6 weeks after major surgery!! 

I've also started immunotherapy treatment 2 weeks ago. Immunotherapy is a form of chemotherapy that utilizes and bolsters the bodies own immune system to fight cancer. Before immunotherapy was discovered, melanoma was a literal death sentence. According to my oncologist I have a 75-80% 5 year survival rate. Then yesterday, I got an email from a close friend who attended an immunotherapy lecture, saying that they had heard the survival rate of melanoma has gone from 20% to 40%. I happened to be on a train going to take a Peloton class in NYC as that email came in. I freaked out at first and walked into the studio a frantic mess. And then I was embraced by my Peloton family.... end of story. A few hours and a few rides with the "family" later, I walked out of there floating on air, once again feeling that I AM NOT A STATISTIC, I AM TITANIUM...SHOOT ME DOWN BUT I WON'T FALL!!!!



****Join me for my 600th ride on Thursday, May 4th at 6:30 pm with Jennifer Schreiber Sherman at the helm, while we pedal towards a cure! I will be donating $5.00 for every output point that the #1 studio woman and man rider achieves and $2.00 for every person on the live leaderboard. Use the hashtag #protecttheskinyourein


Please consider donating as well!!!

Thank you!!

Robin Nijankin







Titanium's ride for Melanoma Research
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This campaign supports: Melanoma Research (Richard Shapiro, MD)


Love you, Robin! ð'--
Strong body, strong soul, strong mind: Thank you, Robin, for your inspiration!
Sorry this is so late. I thought I donated...love ya!!
Ride on and Ride strong - here to kick cancer's ass!
Love you Titanium !! You are TRULY DELICIOUS !! You are such an inspiration and I am lucky to have met you. XO XO
No matter what type of cancer we are stronger together. No one should ever be alone in their fight against cancer #fuckcancer
â¤ï¸ XOXO
You have my utmost respect!
Titanium strong! â¤ï¸ jayhawk
Ollie and me supporting you from the rear. You can always fall back until we push you forward and further. Xx #wearetitanium
Go Robin! #BeastOfBourbon Kevin Hargreaves
We love you Robin!! -Ries and Drew Barker
We love you Robin!
You got this. Love you â¤ï¸
You are amazing!!!
You are an inspiration Robin! #quacktastic
I love you Robin! â¤
For Robin, Win this war!
An honor to donate in your honor! #Hambell
Happy to join you in this fight! #titanium #pelostrong
Strength and honor my "old" friend. Never give up because life is worth the fight.sending prayers and hugs your way. â¤ï¸You got this
Keep fighting!! You are amazing!
Much love to you, Robin. â¤ï¸#handsonyourback #titaniumstrong
In honor of #titanium and also my Aunt Becky.
Sending love and prayers. #LaurieO
Atta girl #Titanium!!!
Keep fighting! Peloton Family Unite! â¤ï¸#runprettykitty
We're with you, Titanium!
Sending prayers & healing thoughts your way!!
A little more Peloton love!
Im here for you Robin! Im so glad your doing so great!
Keep the wheel spinning!
You are an inspiration!
You rock, Titanium!
Great work, thanks so much.
Robin you got this girl!! I've never met you but one of my friends flew from AR and took a class in studio (long time ago). It was a Nicole class. Said she would have been lost that day w/o your help. Folllwed your rides & now watching you slay the
You rock, Robin! Wishing you infinite strength in your battle. Sending lots of good thoughts and wishes your way. #fckcancer; #gotitanium
I too am a melanoma survivor. Insidious disease. You go, Robin - keep riding, keep well and keep the faith. #titaniumstrong
Robin you are amazing.... love always :)
We Are Titanium Go Robin!!! Praying and supporting you. Keep up the fight.ð´ð´ð´
You go girl! You inspire the entire Peloton community. All the best, DCrider1
Thank you, Robin! Xoxo, Hilary (#NoBadDays)
Titanium rocks! Love you my friend! #UPSlady
You're an inspiration!!! My brother RYAN has als had Melanoma. Thanks for being a warrior! #gynomite
Your an inspiration! Amazing fundraising and awareness! #bikerbitch
Robin with your strength and determination no doubt will a cure be found! #BeeBetter
#wearetitanium #protecttheskinyourein #morethanjustabike #babeiloveyouuuuuuu
Hands on your back. You are #TITANIUM!
Wishing you a full recovery! Life x 2
You know how much we love you ROBIN! So proud of you and am ready to help in any way I can!
You are amazing and such an inspiration. I was so proud to be a part of the ride tonight. I have a history of melanoma that was superficial, but it presented very oddly. I hope to ride with you one day In the studio.
#notmything #aluminum #couldntbeanyprouder
#Titanium You are Beautiful!
Robin, you're an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your journey. â¤ï¸ Brianna #AGiRLHasNoName
I hope we can make melanoma a disease from the past
I'm sorry I won't be on the live ride but I am with you in spirit. You are a force! #karen_mb
Topping $10,000.00 and climbing. You go Girl!
Way to go #Titanium!!!
Ride on fellow pelo!
#Bostonstrong supporting Titanium
For my Mother that lost her battle with Melanoma in 1978 and my Father who succumbed to Esophageal Cancer 13 years ago this month, I can only hope these efforts change the narrative and help families rid their live of these dreaded diseases.
Anything you #Titanium!! You continue to inspire and amaze many in the Peloton community!! Keep it up! #CancerThriver
Have an amazing ride! #titaniumstrong
Kick cancer's ass!
Robin, your fellow survivor from manorville aka manorville mike is with you in spirit!
love you mama! You inspire us all!
You are a warrior!!
We are in this together â¤ï¸ Mara
You are such an inspiration! Ride on girl! I hope to be riding with you :-)
We are Titanium! #wolfpack
#protecttgeskinyourin #titanium #strengthtorobin #kickcancersass
You're amazing Robin!
GO Robin! #Titanium you are, and continue to be, an inspiration to the whole pelocommunity. #ketja
Xoxoxo go robin!!!!!
You rock my beautiful friend!! Truly Titanium through and through! Love youð'oeð'ð¼ð'oe
Good luck and keep fighting. #Shark_Food
Robin, you have been an inspiration to me and so many others on the Peloton Facebook page. Stay strong!! xoxo
You go girl!
You are amazing robin! Very inspiring! Keep on riding.
Happy to support this great cause, Robin. Even happier I'm riding this live with you in the studio! You got this #Titanium! #FUCancer!
We love you, Titanium!!! Let's mess up cancerð
Go Robin!!
Looking forward to pedaling for a cure with you! Pelofamily ð'
Love from CO.
You are THE STORM!!!
Titanium strong! â¤ï¸GolfGirl!
Robin, You are AMAZING. So much love to you!
With all the love in my heart
#noABBA #TitaniumStrong XO
Kick cancer's ass! Given in honor of my brother, Don... #w8spinningoff
Glad to meet you this weekend and will be on the leaderboard Thursday!
PURE INSPIRATION TITANIUM. Honored to call you friend!
Your efforts to beat this illness are an inspiration to us all
Your #Wolfpack's got your back Robin <3
Titanium strong!!! Xoxo
F*K Cancer. You've got this. The Bitches Who Ride Andrea Baier Jennifer Dolezal Melissa Glander Sue Grapel Stacy Kelly.
Robin you are an inspiration and a leader!!! You have done so much to inspire so many including the Peloton Family and to raise awareness about Melanoma! #diverdoc
Keep riding Robin! You are an inspiration! #lovetheskinyourin
I wish this could be 100's times this amount! You are such a great friend and role model to everyone out there battling. Keep up the fight!!!
Ride strong Robin!
#Warrior #Titanium
Robin- You are stronger, braver and more resilient than you know!! Here for you always!! Robin
#titaniumstrong #weloverobin #cancersucks
You got this Robin! You are strong you are courageous you are titanium!
â¤ï¸ Titanium â¤ï¸
You go, Robin!!!!
Wishing you well Robin! You are titanium!
You've got this, Robin! Sending love and support from Mary and Joan
You are a true inspiration and worthy of your titanium name. Will be riding with you from home. #almond joy
Love you!! F**k Cancer!!!
10,000,00,000% love and support for you from The Falco-Mollett Family.
Love you Robin ð'oe
Way to go Robin!!
#wearetitaniumstrong <3 #Pelo4PitBulls
You are an inspiration!!!!
You are titanium! You've got this Robin!
Stay strong #titanium, and next time sit on Jitney bitch's bags. #BigPapa
We Are Titanium â¤ï¸
If there's anyone who can outdo those survival rates - whether 40% or 80% - it's you! It's an honor to support your ride and melanoma research.
You are one in a million Robin!!! How amazing you are for doing this. Sending lots of love your way!! xoxo
An honor to pedal with you....
In honor of you Robin, my Dad and for all who need a cure!!
#URTITANIUM Keep fighting, cancer doesn't have a chance against you! Much love and hugs! #SCJewels
Robin - You're a Pelo-Inspiration!
#titaniumstrong Love you, Robin! #SeahawksFan

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