Integrating Energy Medicine into Rehabilitation Care: A Research Study

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Integrating Energy Medicine into Rehabilitation Care: A Research Study

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I would like to invite you to contribute to my fundraising campaign for Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Health. Rusk Rehabilitation is among the world’s foremost institutions dedicated to rehabilitation medicine, and I have been a longtime supporter of the incredible work they do.

That is why I was thrilled when they decided to embark on a groundbreaking research study to determine the efficacy of integrating energy medicine in treating chronic knee pain. Advancing the use of integrative medicine in rehabilitation care is a cause very dear to me, and I know it is dear to many of you as well. Please consider making a donation to help fund this very important program. Thank you for your support.



Keep shining your light Charlie You're changing lives and the world
Thank you Charlie 🙏❤️🤓
You are amazing, Charlie! Thank you for sharing your gift!
I have faith in you, Charlie. Go forth and show them your gift of healing.
Heal The World Charlie
Hope with my little donation we show the world that there is other ways to cure people. Thank you Charlie for all that you are doing, we need more people like you in this world. God bless.
Thank you for your continued work with energy healing.
Charlie. You are doing such great things for people in this world. My gift is small but the intention is good!!
Thank you Charlie for everything your doing! Such important studies.
As a token of continued appreciation for the good work of Charlie Goldsmith.
Charlie ~ we are with you as you pioneer the way for Energy Medicine finding its way into mainstream Medicine ~ thank you for all that you are and do ~ much love to you.
Only a drop, as a huge thank you to the ocean of gifts Charlie gives us all🐬🧡
Bless you and thank you.
Although the goal has already been reached I wished to donate in gratitude for your help with your program. I only wish I could give more.
My soul thanks yours
Very important study, we need more of these!
Lets get this done ,important stuff.
Charlie: thanks are not enough for what you are doing to uplift the world and beyond. Please be certain to take care of yourself. So many people in need can be draining. Blessings and light to you. Rita
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead FoodRXLife
Charlie Goldsmith, you are a pioneer--not easy work, but so valuable and so appreciated. Thank you!
Blessing all who give and receive healing energy , grateful to be able to do tribute to Charlie Goldsmith's work.
Chronic knee pain for a year after meniscus tear of right knee plus arthritis in both knees. After 1 distance group healing from Charlie this April, my knee pain disappeared immediately. No pain since. Thx you, Charlie! Happy to be a case for this study.
I support and trust Charlie Goldsmith.
We support Charlie! Progress should not be stopped but encouraged.
Remaining hopeful this will help the cause because project is that important.
Thank you for everything you do!
This is a beautiful thing to watch happen. Trusting all will go well with the study.
Good luck, Charlie!
Thank you! I love this community!
I support the important work that is taking place wholeheartedly.
Thank you Charlie for putting hope into the world. You truely are a gift. 💖
The final push for Charlie ❤️
Thank you Charlie for sharing your Gift 🎁
Thank you Charlie for what you do I wish I can have more,yesterday my kids donate and today,I'm also encouraged people to donate this is very important you help me a lot and always if you need we are here for help you do a lot for all of us,you give hope.
God bless you, Charlie! Much love!
Happy to share with you and trust in your goodness. Go love the world Charlie Goldsmith <3
I hope your study will be a great success, Charlie!
I believe in this, as well as self healing, I want to make the world a better place & let people see what they are missing... keep on going no matter what, so many people believe in you & this work. Charlie Goldsmith is the real deal... &#1008
This study is so important. Keep up your amazing work Charlie. Well Done. Marg x
I'm happy to support your study for the betterment of all human kind - crew member planet earth
Wishing Charlie love and white light protection and all good things on his awesome life journey...
Best to you
Charlie, this is the least I could do to repay your generosity and how much light and healing you have brought into my life. May you continue to heal the world and teach us good habit.
Yeah Charlie!
Keep trying
Thank you Charlie
Here's to enLIGHTing us all with the power to heal - via this study, teaching others and continuing to share your gift to help all. Double chai.
I believe in you Charlie!🕊🌈💫
I believe in you!!!!🙏🏻😇
We believe
Charlie is such an authentic soul with such pure Devine intentions.
Thank you, Charlie! ❤
Thank you
Let's do this!!!!
You go! I've been waiting for studies like these so more people can get access to this type of healing, and I have something to refer skeptics too.
Thankyou for helping so many people, wishing you all the best.
Thank you so much for everything you've done and continue to do for all of humanity.
Cheers in promoting energy healing.
This work is so important! Grateful for all that is being done to recognize the work of authentic energy healers, Charlie Goldsmith and others are going to change the world! 1.2.3. GO! 💞
I'm very happy to contribute to this fascinating study. I have complete faith in Charlie Goldsmiths ability to heal. Wishing this all the success and hoping it helps changes the public minds about energy healing.
I dedicate this donation to my friend Mike who took his own life this week, because he was in so much pain.
So honored to be a part of this in a small way. Thank you for being the light and paving the way.🙏🏻
Wishing you every success with the project Charlie
With much gratitude for everything you do
Thanx for the healings Charlie❣️ I took polarity therapy classes & truly believe in energy therapy!
Great cause, well done guys.
You are amazing Charlie and will help change the world to be a better place.
Bless you 🙏
In support of Charlie Goldsmith's energy healing awareness efforts.
Always feel wonderful after your live healings...keep up the amazing work Charlie! Your an angel✨✨
For Charlie...he's the best
So proud to be a tiny part of this exciting study! Way to go Charlie Goldsmith.
Thank you, Charlie!!
This study is a positive step toward the integration of Western and Energy Healing. Those of us that do this work are cheering you on Charlie!! xoxo
Praying for a successful outcome! Go get 'em Charlie!! ✌💜
God bless you in your work
Charlie, Thank you for all you do!
Go Charlie- change Everything!
Thanks Charlie!!
I hope all your dreams for this project come to fruition 💋
Good luck 🍀
Great work Charlie
I am also an energy healer, and would love for it to be mainstream! Thank you for all that you do, Charlie!! xoxo
Keep up the great work for energy healers Charlie! We appreciate you doing this to change the consciousness of the medical industry. Energy healers in hospitals is long overdue and maybe even guided meditation for patients. 💖
May this study be the conduit for the change in medicine as we know it.
Go Charlie Go! Energy Medicine is the future of all Healing, and everyone has capacity. Some are great at it, like you Charlie.
Thanks Charlie for all you do. Go change the world! :-)
Thank you Charlie.
We support your research!
Charlie you are greatly appreciated
This is such an important study. We need to put Vibrational Medicine in the mainstream so people can truly be healed.
Charlie, you are a gift to the world. Thankyou for all that you do for humanity!
Thanks Charlie!💞
Happy to see energy medicine on the world stage. Thank you Charlie.
We believe in you Charlie! Keep on keeping on <3
Feeling the utmost need for energy medicine treatments in every aspect and layer of our life. Relating to your cause, struggles and rewards beyond most people's understanding, as we are also energy healers just starting a new path in Australia. Love toyou
Privileged to be part of an important study
Charlie. Do you do healings for someone that is not open and only believes in western medicine? I have a dear friend who is in bad shape
I am excited for this study. Thank you Charlie
A great vision for the future of healing. Happy to support. ♥
Good Luck with the Study
Thank you for your work and inspiration
Thank you for following your heart and helping others❣️
These studies are desperately needed. Thank you!
You are loved and supported. Thank you for all you do. Big love and hugs!
Glad to help wish l could give more but l guess every little helps l don't have much but never gone broke from giving and you give more than most people do wishing you the best with this study
Keep up the good (energy) work!
Go Charlie!!!!!
Thank you Charlie Goldsmith for your part in the study and thank you MGH for your generous support of the study.
Very happy to support. Excellent, should be in conjunction with mainstream medicine, very best of luck, hope my wee contribution can make a slight difference
Thank you for all your deligent and impassioned work, Charlie.
Thank you and good luck
Incorporating your healing energy vibrations into my Energy Medicine Practice has benefited multitudes of people, Thank you Charlie. Thank you as always for leading the charge of Energy Medicine Practitioners.
Thank you, Charlie❣️ It's about time more of these studies are taking place. Love You, Julie
Charlie, the work you're doing is opening the door to our future.
Good Luck Charlie!
Bless you all Who contribute no matter the amount.
Charlie Goldsmith and his My Good Habits health program along with his Energy Movement and Energy Healing have changed my life. So glad I can support the research.
Love ❤️ Charlie!
Good luck We need this 💜💜💜
This donation is for the Energy Medicine Research project
All the BEST to you. Do what you think is right.. The world of people trusted you.
I am encouraged by this study. I believe energy healing is the future. I have received benefit from group healings done by Charlie Goldsmith and I wholeheartedly believe energy healing is the future. I hope to see more studies. Thank you
Pleased to support your work. It's exciting to be part of this effort.
This is such important work and the beginning of something beneficial for all
Strength in numbers impressed by the response and support for this worthy cause. Way to go Charlie!!
Charlie, keep up the good work!
I believe in you Charlie Goldsmith. Thank you for your generosity, compassion, wisdom and all that you do for humanity.
Supporting the future of healing diseases by supporting the bodies inate ability to heal, via eliminating the causes, instead of treating with drugs. TY Charlie, RFKJr, and all those that courageously take on educating, protecting, changing, rippling ALL.
Thank you Charlie for the important work you are willing to do for the advancement of energy work. You are the perfect person to bring legitimacy to this work! 🌟Thank you for all you do to make this 🌎 world better...
Aloha Charlie! Love and light..
Thank you so much for all you do Charlie Goldsmith. We are all so lucky to have you! I pray you get the funding this research needs!❤️
Thank you Charlie.
Go Charlie!🥰
Go Charlie, you rock!
Your work MUST, and WILL be visible to everyone! Now is the time, and we're all here to make that happen! Thank you for all that you do. Truly grateful.
Good luck Charlie.
I fully support your vision for health care Charlie!
Thank you for teaching in a way that all can hear.
Thanks to Charlie Goldsmith for doing what he does to help others.
All the very best with this study Charlie. Your work is extremely important.
The world needs healers more than ever. Thank you for your good work.
Best of luck Charlie
Such a very, very important study and I am happy to donate, even if only a little bit.
Good luck Charlie
I wish it was more.. Thank you Charlie..🙏
Charlie has saved my life. Thank you Charlie for sharing your gift with the world.
💝Charlie, I hope the numbers will add up! You already proved the study you are a healer. Best of luck to you for the rest. Love, Viktoria
I am honored to be given an opportunity to assist in such a worthwhile cause
Great iniciative that can contribute for serius improvement of the evaluation and choice of how and why the energy therapies work on cure.
More than happy to be able to help you now Charlie as you are so generous and now it's our time to return the gesture 😊
Happy to help as I'm sure this will be an important study that will lead to more interest!
This is so important.
Thank you Charlie for your hard work to make energy healing visible to the world.
Science can no longer ignore the clear evidence of energy healing and other healing methodologies. It is the way of the future. Drugs only treat the symptom, the illness presents somewhere else at another time. Energy healing treats the whole.
Good Luck Charlie.
I am very happy to help in this small way. Charlie, Thank you for all you do!
Wanted to give back in honor of love for Charlie Goldsmith and the MGH program.
In appreciation of Charlie's good work on this study.
I am am energy healer as well and I support your efforts to incorporate these modes of healing into Western Medicine. Best of luck for a successful study and Thank you for putting yourself out there despite the negative responses.
giving because the program has made such a difference to my family.
Apologies for the small amount but we have a collapsed currency.
I believe in the energy healing that Charlie does. I also firmly believe that Charlie would never do anything that would harm his quest such as promoting something that would be a scam. Ignore those who post negative comments. Keep vibration positive.
Donating so that energy healing can become a viable option for all patients. Thank you Charlie for all that you do!
As personal recipients of Charlie Goldsmith's incredible healing ability, our family recogizes the urgency and importance of further studies in this area - not only for the potent resolution of pain but the role it plays in allowing health to be restored.
Really looking forward to the outcome of this study
Very exciting! I do scientific editing and publicity. Be happy to help in any way, gratis of course. All strength to you guys. Go Charlie!
Thankyou for all you do Charlie
I wish more studies more done with energy medicine and it is integrated into clinics and hospitals.
Please keep the research going. What you are doing has helped so many people and continues to do so!!! Blessings and healing energy sent to you as well.
To support such important work
I wish I could donate but I am all for this cause🙏
You are amazing Charlie, thank you for all you do 🙏🏼
I'm excited to see Western society and especially medical doctors being open to investigating the possibility of energy healing. I have faith in you, Charlie, and I pray all goes better than expected with the study.
Thank you for the opportunity to help in a very small way towards this most worthy project.
in honor of the courageous work of Charlie Goldsmith
Goodluck Charlie I believe in you I hope this helps x
I have faith that this study will provide great insight into energy healing.
Thank you Charlie
We believe
Groundbreaking study for the future of energy medicine. Thanks to NYU team, the participants and to the generosity of Charlie for your fortitude and dedication n to make it happen.
For Charlie Goldsmith Study. Grew up with family member with rheumatoid arthritis - addicted to opioids for pain. I hope you're able to find an 'energy' modality for healing pain that assists folks with these painful diseases of arthritis!
Can't wait for results.
Well done Charlie, I hope this study proves the great work you do. You have a wonderful gift and a wonderful soul. Thanks to NYU for doing this study.
I believe in you Charlie and hope you will find others all around the world that can do what you do so that many many will be healed
I'm in happy to help this is important
Thank you Charlie all the best!
The world would be a better place if there were more people as genuine and committed to helping others as Charlie Goldsmith is. Thank you for caring, Charlie.
You are amazing, Charlie. Wishing you all the best. I know you will raise the money the study needs and then some! So happy to support your important work!
Great work you do Charlie!
I think your work is so important and I wish I could give more for this research
Thank you Charlie....your healing is a blessing in my life!
You are amazing Charlie. Wishing you all the best.
Given with love and the intention of spreading the word of the science behind healing. May it spread far and wide.💫
Charlie, keep doing what you are doing! What you are doing IS a great and selfless thing. God be with you!
This is what healthcare should be. Keep educating people!
All the best with the study and thank you!
Thank you for doing this research study. It is so important!
Let's get this!
thank you all who had the wisdom to see how important this is.
May there be hope and healing for those who suffer at the hands of those who have been gifted to help.
I can't afford much because I'm saving for stem cell therapy for 2 lung disease, and thyroid illness (yes greedy to have 2) lol, I have major pain with 5 spinal surgeries but that's got nothing on not being able to breath haha
Trust your research project at NYU is successful. 💕💋👏👏🇦🇺
I really cannot afford to give $30. I'm on disability and raising my Granddaughter because of the passing of my Son. I do wholeheartedly believe in Charlie's work, that is why I am donating.
Thanks for everything's I will donate more as soon tomorrow,did little bit something today from my kids.🤗❤️
In support of this important work.
Hi Mindy, Hope you make total funding for your project soon, I received this link from C. Goldsmith's FB request. Best, JN
I'm happy to help out for this wonderful cause, wish it could be more. You're amazing Charlie. God Bless you for all you do 💜
May it be with the blessing's of the Universe, that this contribution benefit each and everyone of us toward the healing work, that Charlie Goldsmith, so generously offers. 💜 💜 💜
Wishing you all the best with the study!
Hoping for amazing results for your study, as I know it will be. Happy to help, and obviously the money will be raised easily from your interested admirers
Hoping this small amount helps spread the wonder of energy healing.
I support Charlie Goldsmith 100 % he's an absolute gem
All the best with this amazing study Charlie and NYU
Please send healing energy to my wife Giovanna who is hospitalized right now.
Time to HEAL the world.
Thank you Charlie!
I appreciate all you do to advance the legitimacy of energy healing.
A big thank you to all the people involved in this study.
Thank you for all that you do 💛 Many Blessings and much love 💕
More to come when I get paid. I believe in this deeply.
Go Charlie!
May your studies continue to be successful
Wishing this study a great success! Thank you to everyone working on producing this study.
Thankyou to Charlie for being a beautiful soul ❤️❤️
Thank you for all you do !
A very worthwhile project to promote and educate as to alternate forms of healing.
I hope we are successful in helping you, Charlie, just as you've helped so many of us. Thank you
Go Charlie!!!
Thank you so much for what you do 💚💚💚
What a worthy cause, to legitimatize Charlie (and consequently others of his ilk) offering undeniable scientific evidence of this brand of power, power to do good making available this source of power/energy to the world. Sending you my best energy.
Hope this little bit helps towards such an important cause!
God bless 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Happy to donate. I hope you reach your target. xx
Happy to help. Thank you Charlie, for sharing this great work!
Charlie, I think that your energy work is REAL and needs to be validated for today's medical world. Keep the faith.
Sending Love...
Given in love & hope for others with thanks to Charlie 🙏❤️
Thank you So Much for Helping my wife Laura Doherty Please Everyone Donate Every little bit Counts 🙌🏼
I wish you lots of luck and success with this project. I support you and your project from bottom of my heart. I wish I could do more but this amount is the best I could do. Love, Bilgehan.
Thank you Charlie for all you do, and for the gifts you give with love, you to so many xx
Continue your great work Charlie. You are appreciated!❤️
Thank you Charlie x
Charlie you are the real deal we belive in you. Take good care of yourself thank you for all you have done for everyone you make the world a better place.
Charlie Goldsmith. I have been following you since November, 2017. I've received benefits of your energy healing repeatedly. You've never charged for your healing. It's about funding the NY study so it can continue in a timely fashion. Love & respect
This is such promising research. Thank you for all your good work and efforts to bring this to the public.
Charlie, never apologize for asking us for help. You give so much. It's my pleasure to help you in any way I can. XO Beth Kaplan
Charlie is a gifted healer We need to integrate natural healing into our approach to health care. Thanks for creating and following through on this study.
So hopeful about outcome.
Thank you for what you are doing. I hope this funding will help bring natural healers into hospitals and clinics. I suffer from serious panic attacks and often wonder if your healing could help with that. But caffeine and certain meds bring them on too.
Good luck, Charlie.
The future looks brighter! Thank you for your light, Charlie!
Charlie, your generosity and integrity are beyond reproach. I support this study for you and the many of us healers who will benefit from the new awareness the study brings. Thank you Charlie!
In support of Charlie. Good luck with the research.
I believe that this will be the most important medical breakthrough in decades.
It's important to consider and study all aspects of healing methods. Charlie wish you all the best in this endeavour.
If this can help people .. it's a good thing
Wishing great SUCCESS with your study!!!
Thank You Charlie for all the lovely work You have done! Best Wishes on Your Work and Research! Blessings! ❤
thank you for all you do
Love and peace...hope it all works out for you!
This is very important work. Happy to support it!
Love the man and his work! I do
Love your work Charlie. I hope you raise all money needed.
Thank you so much 😊 I wish I had more to donate.
Thanks Charlie for your honesty, integrity & courage. Wishing you every success in your trial. Energy medicine chose a beautiful, committed person in you to be shared with the world. Thankyou
So important to support the selfless, good work of healers like Charlie Goldsmith!
Best wishes
What you give you shal so receive. Sending love and light to all.
I believe in this study and the work behind it and look forward to the completion results of it.
Charlie, Hopefully your energy healing will become a part of traditional medicine as a few other modalities have, such as Touch for Health, meditation. Your work is important, and thank you.
These studies are EXTREMELY valuable for the future of holistic care. Watch this revolutionize modern health!
Charlie you are a amazing man, with a wonderful gift that you share. Eve
Couldn't donate much but hope it's something to go towards something so worthy & needed. Charlie Goldsmith is an amazing guy & needs his healing to be fully recognised & accepted. Good luck & God Bless xx
I am someone who has experienced the power of Charlie Goldsmith's healing energy and IT'S REAL!!! BELIEVE ME! I pray that all of the doctors who are so skeptical can open their minds enough to really embrace the truth of what someone like Charlie can do
Good luck with your important the study.
Please keep this study program going so that we can go into the future being able to integrate energy healing with modern day medicine.
Charlie is wonderful and I support him 100%!
For Charlie.
Love Charlie's core program and healings.
This is important please keep going
Thank you Charlie for everything you do for so many people
Hope you reach you goal!
Fully support the work your doing to get healing more widely accepted and recognised! Keep up the amazing work x we all love you x
Go Charlie, go! 😍😘❤️
Charlie, please know that what you are doing is AMAZING! We love you and support you, please continue your beautiful work to show the world how amazing and powerful our own energy is!! Sending lots of love and light to you! -Wendy Shi
Thank you Charlie! Hope this helps.
I love the work you do. I am 100% better than when I first found you!
Thank you.
Love & Light to You and your Family 💖
I have always felt in my lifetime Biofield energy work would become part of our medical system. My donation is for that goal.
Charlie Goldsmith is helping pave the way for a great change to health care in the world! Please support this movement! 🙏🏻🕊
Good luck with the study Charlie! God bless :)
❤️ to you Charlie
Happy to help out Charlie.
Don't give up. You rock, Charlie!
Sorry for the backlash you've had! I love and support your work. It is so important. Thank you for all you do.
Thank you for your generous work‼️
About time there are legit studies on energy healing
Best of luck, Charlie!! ❤️
Bless you Charlie for all your work!! Much love from Ohio.
Charlie Goldsmith is the real deal - continued research is much needed!
Happy to help support this study!
Charlie, I'm slowly developing my healing powers too and i hope one day to heal more people like you. Keep up your incredible work. I'm backing you thru and thru. Xo Kat
Thanks for helping to increase the options that are available to people.
Go Charlie!
You do great work Charlie. Blessings.
I believe in you Charlie 🙏🏼
With gratitude a great cause.
Keep going Charlie, we believe in you 😀
Keep spreading Love. Thx for doing what you do!
Thank you Charlie!
Thank you for making a difference!!
I have so much respect for this study. I feel blessed to be able to support this work.
For you, Charlie! It's important this study is published. 💖
You have my full support. Would love to see energy medicine rolled out into hospitals all around the world. What an amazing initiative. Go Charlie and Team. xxx
Anything to help a cause your in Charlie
Go Charlie! We love watching all the great work you do and you deserve to see the study finished x

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