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Dear Friends,

There is no need to be reminded of the challenges we’ve all faced in the last 18 months. Some of us have been touched more intimately by COVID 19, but it goes without saying, sadly we have all been affected. Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis have also been impacted during this time. As with any chronic disease, patients have to combat daily symptoms, deal with potential side effects of medication, and combat lifelong challenges. Multiple Sclerosis, by its very nature, can be extremely unpredictable and frightening.

If you’ve discovered this page, you most likely know I have been committed to fighting hard, for the last 26 years, for a world free of Multiple Sclerosis.  Fortunately, I have not been alone in this quest. Dr. Lauren Krupp has also been committed to the fight. With worldwide recognition for her research in fatigue and cognition in MS, she is also known internationally for bringing pediatric-onset Multiple Sclerosis to the forefront of looking for a cause. As the Director of the MS Division at NYU Langone, she strives to provide those with MS compassion, comprehensive care and cutting edge research. Dr. Krupp is devoted to improving the lives of all individuals, across the lifespan, with MS.

The ability to enhance quality of life for all MS patients is dependent on the money we can raise to fund research. Your kind donations also provide the opportunity for those without means to receive quality care and treatment. Funds raised address innovative research in non-pharmacological treatments for symptom management, as well as pediatric studies focusing on opening the door to causes which will ultimately lead to a cure.

With your invaluable support of the numerous fundraising events throughout the years we all, together, have raised nearly $8 million. These funds for MS research have benefitted children as young as 18 months, but we need so much more to provide necessary resources to identify reliable biomarkers that can predict disease course, and target treatments more effectively to move that much closer to curing MS.

 I appeal to you to help make a difference in the quest for a cure. Your donations will benefit all individuals affected by MS.

With deep appreciation,

Merry Slone


This campaign supports: Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Support


You are a rock star Merry! Keep up the great work. Thanks for all you do.

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