Personal Protective Equipment for Frontline Health Care Professionals

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Personal Protective Equipment for Frontline Health Care Professionals

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About My Campaign

We are raising funds to help front line healthcare workers stay safe and able to keep treating New Yorkers. The Coronavirus outbreak has been devastating to NYC hospitals and the demand and use of personal protective equipment has exhausted the hospital reserves. As both my wife and I are physicians, we know the importance of protecting nurses, respiratory therapists and physicians while caring for this vulnerable population.

Together, we will support NYU Langone Health, one of the major medical centers in the 5 boroughs that is leading the effort to fight this once-in a lifetime pandemic.

I invite you to join me in raising funds for this important reason.

Remember, we fight for you. It is time for you to join us!


How Your Support Makes a Difference

This campaign supports: COVID-19 Response

Your gift supports the greatest needs of patients with COVID-19, and of frontline teams and researchers as they work to combat—and ultimately end—this pandemic.


Thank you my childhood friend for all the work that you, Ceci, your team and everyone in the front line are doing to fight this. There in NYC and in every corner of the world.Hope this contribution doesn't come in too late! Blessed you all and stay safe.
Thank you to all on the front line! Be safe and stay healthy!
Over the years, the nurses of NYU Langone have always given me excellent and empathic care --they are so special!!
Many thanks to Jack and all the frontline medical professionals who are leading us to the light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you for all the work you and your colleagues are doing!
Thank you for everything that you are doing to fight on the front lines for us all! God bless you!
Words cannot express how thankful I am for your sacrifice. Your selfless actions truly make you a hero in my eyes.
You're our heros! Thank you!!
Stay strong! Stay Safe!
Sending our gratitude and support to Jack and Cecilia and all healthcare workers - Andrea and Burkhard
God keep you safe.
We love you all for what you are doing. Thank-you for risking your lives to save the lives of others. Be well and may God Bless each and every one of you and your loved ones.
Praying for all of the doctors and nurses doing all they can with the little they have. Thank you!
Thank you for all you do all the hospital staff from front desk to clinicians doctors respiratory therapist and everyone who keeps the wheels turning putting their lives at risk for all. God Bless you all
God bless and protect all of you on the frontlines. Know we all love you, are grateful for your care and are praying for you, your families, patients and a cure for this deadly virus.
God bless all healthcare team members....
Thank you 🙏 for your strength . We are so grateful for your dedication to the people of NY. Be safe our friend Love The Chow's
Thank you, medical professionals, for all that you do for the community.
Heartfelt thanks to you and your colleagues for your commitment and bravery.
For the merit and healing of my aunt, who is now under your care at NYU. Thank you for all you are doing to protect our loved ones!
Animo y fuerza. Que Dios los acompañe. Mil bendiciones y eterna gratitud.
Thank you for all that you are doing on the frontlines! You deserve all the support in the world. Dr. Tim Greene, we are thinking of you!
God bless you for doing this - and all best wishes to the brave doctors, nurses and healthcare workers on the front lines!
We thank you for all you are doing in unimaginable circumstances and with too few resources to protect and keep people safe.
Thank you for all that you are doing!
Best wishes from Naomi, Andrew and Family
Thank you for all you are doing to protect and care for people during this health crisis!
Thank you for all that you are doing on our behalf. You are the true HEROS.
Cecilia and Jorge, you are both amazing. Looking forward to our double date when this is over.
Appreciate everything you are doing Jorge! Thank you and be safe.
A sincere thanks to Dr. Mercado and all his colleagues at NYU Medical Center that are true role models for all of us.
Thank you. Your work is much appreciated.
Thank you for all your hard work, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your work is greatly appreciated.
My mom was a hospital nurse, my dad was a hospital doc. This is in their memory. Bless you and let me know how else I can help! - Linda
Stay As SAFE as You Can...As a Retired Critical Care & Float RN I Understand ... The USA Government at ALL Levels Are IRRESPONSIBLE ! You ARE the LIFELINE! In MEMORY of OUR Medical Professionals who Have DIED Fighting COVID 19....
There are not enough words to thank you and your colleagues everything you are doing during these devastating times. We are contributing by staying home. Fuerza Jorge!!!
Our gratitude to all of the health professionals working to keep us safe and healthy Our prayers are with you all
Thank you for all that you are doing .
Thank you for being the front line and for all the comfort you are providing. Please stay safe
Thanks to all of the medical professionals for all that they are doing during this crisis.
Thank you for your commitment to the greater good and for putting yourself at risk for others.
Proud to support the fight!
Thanks for what you are doing!!!
Thank you for all you do!!
Keep up the good work and thank you fr your service.
Thank you!
Donated to help Joe Gravier's friend Dr. Jorge Mercado for masks
Thank you for all you do!
Be safe!
Thanks for being heroes
Thank you for your service! Be safe !🙏
Thank you Jorge!
Thank you Jorge for working in the trenches with those who need it the most. We will play out part by staying home and self-isolating so that you can continue to do your job. We are all so grateful for all the work that our health care workers do.
Thank you for fighting for us!
We appreciate your work to help the sick during this difficult time. Paul Tuffy
Angels over you Jorge. We are thinking of you 24/7. We will be wine tasting again when this is over.
Give 'em hell Jorge!
Stay healthy front line
This is a joint effort. We need our first responders to be protected in order to help others.

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