#NYweGotU Help our New York healthcare workers!

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#NYweGotU Help our New York healthcare workers!

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Join the battle against COVID19 by donating to New York hospitals! Our cousin Dr. Rohan Mankikar is a pulmonologist and has been called to the center of the COVID19 pandemic. He joins other medical workers who are battling the pandemic at the front line. Let's make sure they don't run out of critical supplies.

Rohan is one of our warmest and funniest cousins, and we want to see him and his coworkers stay healthy for themselves+families, and so they can continue helping New Yorkers stay well. That means they need access to personal protective equipment and the support of more research into COVID 19.

As Rohan's favorite artist Jay Z says "I’m so far ahead of my time, I’m bout to start another life." Let's do our part to help New York get ahead of this crisis to save lives and livelihoods together.

As always - Stay.Home! and wash hands for them, just as they're at work for you and - We invite you to click the purple Give Now button and donate funds for hospitals to buy equipment and invest in research!

#NYweGotU Help our New York healthcare workers!
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How Your Support Makes a Difference

This campaign supports: COVID-19 Response

Your gift supports the greatest needs of patients with COVID-19, and of frontline teams and researchers as they work to combat—and ultimately end—this pandemic.


Thank you Rohan Mankikar and all your healthcare colleagues on the front line in NYC. #borninJersey
Thank you Divya, It is shocking that families need to raise money for protecting health workers taking care of the most vulnerable. Surely we can all build it back better. Anne
Let's support these amazingly brave healthcare workers on the front lines!
Thank you for your advocacy and for all you're doing for our medical workers!
Thanks to Divya for telling us what wonderful work you are doing. Please keep safe. Irene Rodriguez
Sending love and good health.
Appreciating all that you and other first line responders are sacrificing for our community.
We really appreciate everything doctors and nurses are doing at this time. We hope this helps fight the coronavirus
Good luck @ ICU Rohan!
Thank you for everything you are doing to help the great people of New York.
Thank you for all you are doing!!
Thank you for all that you're doing!
You mean the world to us, be safe. Kick this I know you can.
They're working for us, let's stay home for them!
Kicking this off! To all of the healthcare workers - thank you and please stay safe. We appreciate you!

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