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Help Make a Difference for Children with Diabetes

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You can help a kid with type-1 diabetes feel less conspicuous when carrying around their diabetes treatment kit.


“Everyone wonders why that kid is carrying around that lunchbox looking thing or that plastic box. But no one wonders why a kid is wearing a Patagonia pack.”

— Scott Lynders, age 10; diagnosed May 2018


Please help us take a relatively small step to help kids feel more normal around their peers by helping the Robert I. Grossman, MD, and Elisabeth J. Cohen, MD, Pediatric Diabetes Center provide free Patagonia Atom sling packs to their patients.

With around 150 newly-diagnosed patients per year, our goal is to raise enough money for the hospital to buy at least 150 Patagonia sling packs. Patagonia has generously agreed a 35% discount, which translates to a price of $38.35 per pack (which means we are seeking to raise $5,753).

Take advantage of your company match program by indicating you would like to do this in the notes section or e-mailing your company's match form directly to Christie McHugh at

Everyone knows someone with diabetes.

Thank you for your contribution,

David and Michelle (Scott’s parents)


This campaign supports: Diabetes Patagonia Pack Fund


Thanks for helping the diabetic community - Mary
From Grandma Lynders.
Great cause! For Charlotte's birthday! xoxo
With love and support, Nana and Papa
I am so proud of the whole Lynders family for this tremendous effort!
Wonderful idea. Glad to be able to help :)
Great Program David!
Hats off to the Lynders family taking a leading role in support of a very worthwhile cause!
So happy to see this project realized!!
Excellent work David
This is from Colby and Brady!
Great cause, happy to support
The best of luck with the fundraising!
Thank you to Patagonia and Christie at NYU for making this effort possible!

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