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Dear Friends,

I’m forever grateful to NYU School of Medicine.

This institution had been my dream med school since childhood. The day I got accepted, I withdrew my applications from all other medical schools. The personal and professional relationships I built here—with my mentors Drs. James Grifo and Jan Vilček, with classmates, with teachers, and with patients—gave me the building blocks to be where I am today.

NYU School of Medicine has always made an emotional investment in students, inspiring “aha” moments in classrooms and clinics that forever change their trajectories. The incredible clinical exposure and diversity of classmates make these transformational learning opportunities possible.

It’s so important to invest in future doctors here because they’re the ones who will take care of us. This is the crux of why Alexis and I are supporting full-tuition scholarships at NYU School of Medicine—and we hope you’ll join us in donating to the Vilcek Hall Naming Campaign.

As president of NYU’s Alumni Association and one of the first physicians ever to serve on the university’s Board of Trustees, I’m confident that your generosity will positively impact doctors and patients in New York and beyond for decades to come.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

This campaign supports: Vilcek Hall Naming Campaign

Support Medical School Scholarships and shape the future of healthcare.   


In support of the NYU Grossman School of Medicine Challenge for NYU One Day 3.24.22 !
Wishing you a wonderful 40th birthday!! May all of your dreams come true. Love, Michael, Alex and Liv Toccin
Brian & Alexa, Thank you for bringing us together to support NYU Langone scholarships!
Since I'm deeply in debt to NYU I've just skipped my monthly loan payment to them and sent to you.
We are so proud of both of you!!!
Thanks for doing all that you do!
For my sister and brother in law, a great cause!!
Congratulations to both of you to do this. So Proud!! Love Rosie and Jeff
Such a worthy cause!! Alex and Ron
Congratulation to you both - for your efforts on behalf of NYU One Day
What a wonderful opportunity to help others!! Kudos to you....
Congratulations on a great start! Hunter, Parker and Ellie Stitzer are happy to contribute to the success of this scholarship fund!
I am happy to support the great work done by Alexis and Brian Levine.
Love this and all the work you do! - The Avril's
Brian, Alexis, and Izzy, Honored to support your amazing work- Love, Kevin, Steph, and Lucas Small
My daughter Olena is now finishing up her junior year and absolutely loved her time at NYU. Congrats for starting this wonderful fund.
Very worthy project. Good luck with the raise.
Good work BriLex
Alexis and Brian, we are so proud of your commitment to helping others and are always thrilled to support you! xo Ethel and Jonathan
Thank you NYU ! ! !

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