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ICM Partners for the Holidays

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The Holiday Giving Program through NYU Langone Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital is a wonderful program that supports the hospital’s most financially challenged families, including those whose children have acute or chronic illnesses as well as vulnerable youth served by the hospital’s many outreach programs. The goal of the Holiday Giving Program is to create hope for these families by fulfilling their basic needs and alleviating some of their stress during the holiday season.


We hope that you will join us a a part of Team "ICM Partners for the Holidays" and help make this season, of a particularly hard year, BETTER for these special families!


Contributions help fund things like holiday celebrations, gifts, and special activities to help support kids and their families adjusting to being in the hospital at holiday time



How Your Support Makes a Difference

This campaign supports: Thanks for being a Bright LITE for Kids

Generous listeners gave over $1.3 million for Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital  


I'm so sorry to be late - i missed the email in the end of year frenzy. I'm so glad we're doing this, although i really miss wrapping presents with my colleagues! Happy Holidays! Best, Heather

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