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Tribute to Memory of Kenneth Whitney, PA

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Help us honor our late friend and colleague, Ken Whitney. Your support will help create the annual Kenneth Whitney Robotic Surgery Symposium. Our goal is to raise $10,000 annually and maintain the legacy of our beloved Ken.

Ken Whitney was a first responder who lost his life to the COVID-19 virus during the height of the pandemic. He was an exceptionally talented surgical physician assistant, under whose leadership the robot-assisted surgical program at NYU Winthrop Hospital grew from its implementation to one which is robust, involves multiple surgical specialties, and accounts for more than 2000 procedures, two thirds of which are for cancer diagnosis.


Ken left a mark on the robotic program in many important ways. Under his tutelage, five robotic physician assistants gained valuable expertise, providing exceptional support to the surgeons. He led the team in a constant effort to enhance the quality and efficiency of care, ensuring we could be confident in providing the best care for our patients. Ken understood how nervous patients were prior to surgery and always met them in the preoperative suite to share kind words and communicate the expertise of the entire team, which served to reassure the patients. 


Ken was a passionate spokesperson for robot-assisted surgery. He felt that education of the professional and public was critical to increased implementation of this minimally invasive surgery, which allows patients, even those with complex surgical procedures, to return to normal function quickly and is associated with significantly lower risk of bleeding, infection, and post surgical pain. As an ardent patient advocate, he presented comprehensive lectures stressing the importance of something he was masterful at, preparation, which leads to successful outcome.

Kenneth Whitney's legacy will be an annual lecture focusing on advances and innovation in minimally invasive surgery. Please contribute to this fund to ensure continued improvement of patient care.

This campaign supports: The Kenneth Whitney Robotic Symposium


Ken was a kind soul. We best honor him by treating others with the respect and kindness Ken extended to others!
This donation is a collaborative effort from everyone who help fundraise and support the memorial bench. Thank you all for your generosity. We honor Ken on this special day.
Thank you for honoring Ken in such a meaningful way.
Ken was an incredible human being who dedicated his life to helping others.
I will never forget your kindness Ken. Your words of encouragement, your smile, your expert set up of the OR room, your suggestions that I still use to this day. I am a better surgeon because you were my PA and I am so sorry we lost you so soon.
Ken is missed so much. There is no one like him both professionally and personally.
Ken helped build this world-class robotic surgery program. We and our patients are in his debt. He will not be forgotten.

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