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Prostate Cancer Research at NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island

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The Urology Department at NYU Langone Hospital–Long Island, formerly known as NYU Winthrop Hospital, has made great progress in providing truly exceptional clinical care this year:

  • We ranked #18 nationally in Urology, according to the 2020 U.S. News & World Report’s annual “Best Hospitals” rankings.
  • Our research department currently has 7 active cancer trials with over 1,200 patients enrolled. 
  • The Men’s Health Webinar Lecture Series, a monthly virtual community event was launched. 

These advances would not be possible without you — your support allows us to maintain our position as a premiere leader in patient care, prostate cancer research, and education. 

It’s through research that patient care evolves. Research leads to increased diagnosis, expert treatment, development of new therapies, and disease prevention. Together, with this continual advancement of knowledge, clinicians and patients can choose wisely and be proactive in their care.

Please consider making a gift today. Your generous partnership will propel us forward and will have a lasting impact on the groundbreaking work we do. 


Dr. Katz please keep up your wonderful work, thanks for taking great care of me over the years!
Thank you Dr. Katz for your encouragement and support for 8 years. My cryosurgery 7 years ago was amazing! Active surveillance has been a helpful follow up.
Great job keep up the good work. The Katz protocol really works .
Thanks for almost ten years of life by your cryotherapy.
Thank you Dr.Katz for your support during my treatment.
To Dr. Katz and the entire team: Thanks for the very informative virtual session. The areas covering genomic testing /imprinting (of biopsy material), and ongoing clinical study of potential hormonal effects on the brain is excellent. Great Job!

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