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Support NYU Melanoma Research #JenVSCancer

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About My Campaign

In honor of Jen Sotham we are raising funds to support the continued research of Melanoma cancer. 

Together, we will support NYU Langone Health so that her team of doctors, Dr. Wilson and her colleagues, can continue to help others through their impactful research being conducted at the NYU Interdisciplinary Melanoma Cooperative Group.

Our family, like so many others, has been touched by cancer. With the honesty and bravery Jen displayed throughout her journey we can think of no better gift than the hopeful promise of new treatments and cures for families living with this devastating disease. In that spirit, we invite you to join us in raising funds for the important research happening at NYU Langone Health—research that has the potential to save lives now and in the future. 


As an avid writer, Jen wrote some of her most intimate literature about her journey with her disease...see below link.


As the ultimate cross off her bucket list, Jen was honored to speak at TEDx Venice Beach...check it out below.


We love you and miss you dearly. Rest easy sweet angel.


This campaign supports: Melanoma Research (Richard Shapiro, MD)

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