Support of NYU Health Sciences Library in Memory of Jeff Williams

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Support of NYU Health Sciences Library in Memory of Jeff Williams

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The highlight of Jeff's career was acting as chair and director of the NYU Health Sciences Library. Just a few months after he joined the NYUHSL in 2012 as associate director for research and education services Superstorm Sandy devastated the library. He was heavily involved in the renewal and redesign of the Sid and Ruth Lapidus Health Sciences Library reopened in 2016.

He was passionate about his work and profession and honored to work with intelligent and creative colleagues. In addition to the management of the library, he was most passionate about the transformation of medical libraries in the digital age. Through his professional associations, he provided leadership and mentorship to future leaders.

One of his tasks was regarding the budget and donations to the library so we find it most fitting to honor his life in this way.

If you feel motivated to donate any amount, no matter the size, please do. Your gift would mean so much to the many who depend on the work of the NYUHSL.

Katie and Abby Williams

Support of NYU Health Sciences Library in Memory of Jeff Williams
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I saw Jeff's keynote at SC/MLA 2019 & was looking up his presentation again. Sorry & saddened to hear of his death. Condolences to his family and colleagues at NYU.
What a wonderful son-in-law and brother-in-law Jeff has been. He was such a marvelous member of the family, a terrific husband for Kathleen, a wonderful father for Abby and a devoted son of Gary's. Jeff, we will always miss you.
Jeff was a wonderful friend and colleague - a true frolleague! His kindness, wisdom, and sense of humor will be missed. My sympathies.
For our great Uncle Jeff. We liked his laugh!!
Jeff was a dedicated mentor and always keenly interested in development and growth of those new to the profession. His presence and passion will be dearly missed.
I am honored and privileged to have met and worked with Jeff. He will be greatly missed.
Thank you Jeff for being such a wonderful friend and mentor. You are missed.
Thank you to the Library team for all that you are doing to honor Jeff and continue your shared work.
It was a great privilege to know and work with Jeff.
Jeff Williams was a stellar librarian but more importantly a man of wit & warmth, gone too soon.
Jeff was a wonderful colleague nationally as well as at NYU. He will be missed!
Will very much miss Jeff. My deepest sympathy to his family and colleagues.
Jeff will be missed dearly. John and I extend our deepest condolences to Jeff's family and friends.
Jeffrey was a special man who will live on in our memory forever and who will be missed by many. You left us much too early, especially your loving wife and daughter.
Healing and knowledge ❤️
In memory of a wonderful friend and colleague
A wonderful man gone too soon. You are greatly missed Jeff. Peaceful thoughts.
I will always cherish the four years I spent with Jeff at UC San Diego. He was a wonderful leader who loved his profession and cared deeply for his co-workers. May his memory be a blessing.
in memory of a wonderful man and the years we played music together
In memory of my little brother whom I adore.
In memory of a wonderful husband and terrific dad.

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