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My name is Debra Jaffe, I am 16 years old from Huntington, NY. My now 4-year old cousin, Stella, was diagnosed and treated for her cancer at the Cancer Center for Kids since she was born. This center helps many children from all over. During this COVID-19 crisis, those who are battling cancer have it even harder. Cancer and chemotherapy extremely lower the function of your immune system, making them more susceptible to the virus. 100% of the donations are going to the Cancer Center for Kids. I understand these times are hard for everyone in many different aspects, but if you are able to donate any amount, it would be greatly appreciated. Every dollar counts, thank you!

This campaign supports: NYU Langone Cancer Center for Kids – Mineola


Incredible fundraising by Debra Jaffe for an outstanding institution!
😘😘👍🏽great job Deb
this is amazing debra :))
Well Done Debra
So proud of Debra! Go Stella ❤️
You are so inspiring !!!
Go Stella!

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