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Isaac Boots Dance + Donate Challenge

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Get ready to get Torch’d for our healthcare heroes!

Inspired by the incredible dedication and resilience we have seen from frontline workers around the world this past year, I wanted to find a way to use my moves to give back to those who move me–which is why I created the Isaac Boots Dance + Donate Challenge!

Join me as I harness the power of community and dance to help nurses and healthcare workers access and receive the support they need!

I’m partnering with NYU Langone because I believe in not only what they’re doing to help their nurses, but also the importance they're placing on the wellbeing of their staff throughout the health system–and beyond! Every dollar raised through the Isaac Boots Dance + Donate Challenge will be used to develop innovative Wellness & Resiliency programming, infrastructure and resources to support our heroes on the frontlines. And they’ll use these same programs to build a blueprint that can be shared with hospitals and clinics across the nation!

Take the Challenge!

I’ve created the Dance + Donate Challenge especially for you–my community of friends and supporters. Here’s how you can get involved:

1. DANCE. Watch me do my signature move and get your dance on! Download the official anthem of Dance + Donate, “Electric Light” by Steph Amoroso, on Apple Music, Amazon Music, or Spotify and record your own version of my dance. Post to your social media–use whatever platform you choose–and tag your friends to challenge them to do the same.

Don’t forget to use #danceanddonatechallenge and to tag @IsaacBoots and @NYULangone so we can share your posts!

2. DONATE. Make a donation to NYU Langone Health and add a link here ( to your bio to show you care for those who care for us.

3. GET TORCH’D! Join me on Instagram @isaacboots every day at 11am Eastern for an incredible workout, then come back here, and make your donation.


Torch'd by Isaac is a vigorous flow of targeted repetition & body resistance that fires up every fiber of your body from the inside out. 

This campaign supports: Isaac Boots Dance + Donate Challenge


Thank you Kristin Tuozzo and team for everything you do!
Way to go Isaac! Thanks for sharing your energy, spirit and laughs while working our butts off! You are truly an inspiration.
Donating on behalf of the Boots Babies in celebration of Isaac Calpito's and Jeffrey Patrick O'Brecht's recent engagement. We are so excited and happy for you! Love you!! Xoxo ~ BB famunity
Isaac is truly a special person. We are so lucky to have such good people like Isaac and ALL the healthcare workers who give of themselves tirelessly each and every day! Thank you so much for all that y'all do.❤️🙏&#
Thank you Isaac for all that you do 💙
Thanks for giving your Boots Babies a way to pay it forward and for all you do, Isaac! And thank you to all the first line workers for their continued effort in dealing with COVID-19 <3
Thank you Issac! You are a gift to us all. x Leigh
thank you Isaac Boots for all the good you do. love you 💕💕🔥💕🔥🔥
❤️❤️❤️ thanks, isaac!!!
Thank you Isaac!! Still Getting Torch'd!!
Donation on behalf of the "Movers and Shakers" at Kadmon.
Thank you for all you do!
Thank you for ALL that you do.
I love you to the moon and stars and back, Marissa! Thank you Isaac for being our shining light.
I'm so happy to donate to this cause. Thank you, to all the nurses and front line workers. Thank you to Isaac Boots, for bringing light to these heroes.
Isaac, thanks for helping us pay it forward in support of frontline healthcare workers <3
I can't dance but I can donate!
I truly appreciate a wonderful and a very thoughtful, heartwarming cause. ❤️
Thank you to Isaac for having this fundraiser, to support all of our nurses and doctors. We appreciate all the care that you have given to everyone in need.
Thank you to you amazing nurses and health care people. We know how hard this year has been, x 1 million. And also, Torched IS hard... :)
Thank you Nurses and Front Line Workers!
Isaac....again and again thank you!!!
We're grateful for you!
In honour of all frontline healthcare workers - thank you for all you do! And thank you, Isaac Boots, for helping us pay it forward <3
Thank you Issac for the positive energy, laughter and overall uplifting experience you give to so many on a daily basis. The world needs more people like you.
You have all done God's work, may the angels heal you mind and spirit. Love and light
i couldnot click the "don't show my name on the fundraising page" ?!??? . Please don't show my name . Thanks
In memory of the best nurse I know, Grandma Margie 💕💕💕💕
Thank you to the bravest frontline in the country!
You are an angel!!
Thank you for doing this.
Isaac changed my life and my body. He is a force of love and light. ♥️
Your work is inspirational and so important! Thank you for your amazing energy!! Kaitlyn @khb1213
May God bless the frontline workers for their hard work. Issac, I love you
Stellar work by the NYU Langone frontliners!!
Thank u for your extraordinary commitment and good work
Happy Birthday Steph Amoroso!!! This is for you and for your Electric Light you shine so bright. xo MShels
Thank you for serving! You are an inspiration to us all!
Thank you!
So much love to all of our nurses for everything they do and the special care they give to all, especially during COVID. We love and appreciate you so much! 🙏🏻💝👏
What a special uplifting challenge! ALWAYS HEROS, to all the NYU Langone Health Nurse, Hospitals, Ambulatory & FGP!
Front line workers, you are ALL HEROES! Thank you for your dedication and for everything that you do !!!
Thank you all for being amazing ! And Isaac for acknowledging this incredible group of hero's ♥️
Happy International Nurses Day! Thank you for all you do. 🙏
What a great cause ! So happy to participate. :)
A donation from all of the Moviing team! We love you!
Thank you for your service Isaac!
No words to express how thankful I am to all the frontline workers...our true angels!
Let's go Boots Babies! Thank you Isaac!
My superstar friend, Strim! I stand with you always!
God bless you all, and God bless Isaac Boots! Thank you for all you do! OXOX
Great initiative! Will share!
Keep up the amazing work, Isaac!
Thank you to the Health Care workers for all you do!!
Fabulous cause ! Thank you Isaac
Thank you for all that you do!
Thrilled to have our front line workers to help us through difficult times and grateful to have Isaac Boots, keep us physically and mentally fit❣️What a special person to ignite the flame 🔥
In support of caring nurses and in gratitude for Isaac that inspires us all!
Amazing fundraiser for amazing people. Thank you, Isaac for always inspiring people to care about each other.
Thank you for raising money for such a wonderful cause
Isaac you have done it again. What a beautiful soul and spirit you are!!! I love you and your work in this world. Don't stop!!! Love you Ohanakitty
Isaac, your generosity in donating your time to these great causes is amazing!
So much good being accomplished! @isaacboots You're amazing!!
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication during this time. We are so grateful for all of you
Eileen-Boots Baby-Thanks for all your hard work, heart, and dedication you give and continue to before, during, and after COVID. We love you! SheCoachesConfidence
Thank you to all the front line workers. Keeping my Mom and family safe in NYC. And Thank you to Isaac Boots reminding me every day to give what you can. It does make a difference
Thank you!!!!
My children are doctors and I know how hard they have been working during this time.
So happy you're doing this !
Isaac you are an angel on earth, as are all our front line workers! Thank you for all you do! ❤️
Thank you
I want to thank you Isaac for light you are giving globally and I want to thank you personally for changing one of my best friends lives. I'm so proud of you Jeffrey and so is your mom and there is no doubt she lead you right where you're supposed to be.
Luv what you stand for @isaacboots! From your Canadian BB xoxo
Thank you, Isaac!
Let's go Boots Babies! No dusty asses or coins! Release that damn plank and donate! ❤ RIP Brother. I love you.
I am truly honored and blessed to be part of this community that Isaac envisioned; that is full of kindness and love! I will continue to donate throughout May to support this initiative... words can not express my gratitude to all the nurses. xo
You are the heroes of the world! Thank you!
Love you Isaac! So proud of all that you do for our community and how keep us all coming back for more. Thank you!
instagram emilyksritter
Boots babies !!!
Thank you, one mans life touches so many others.
Thank you healthcare workers!! Bless you! Thank you Isaac for ALL that you do keeping us fit and torch's!! Xo
So happy to participate in this Dance and Donate Fundraiser to support the first line workers, here and everywhere. So very thankful for their dedication, compassion and efforts!!
Cheers to our fabulous, thoughtful, compassionate and fearless leader, Isaac Boots 🔥 #bootsbabies 👏
Let's do this for our @torchdbyisaac family
Our heroes during this unprecedented time deserve the very best in care for themselves! We applaud all of you! Thank you!
Love you dear Isaac !
Let's raise coins for these angels!! Thank you Isaac🙏
Thank you, Isaac!
Thank you so much to all the healthcare workers who give of themselves each and every day. All of you are true blessings.
In honor of Isaac Boots and Steph Amaroso
Such an inspiring initiative Isaac! Happy Birthday Jeffrey! :)
Thank you to all of the healthcare workers. Many took good care of my mom before she passed from COVID19. You are all an inspiration
Another incredible initiative Isaac!! Truly amazing.
Thank you to all the amazing selfless caring health care workers you are loved & appreciated for all you do, have done & will do in the future. You are all a special breed❤️❤️❤️&
Love you Isaac!!! You make the world a better place!!
Thank you, Isaac, for once again helping us pay it forward!!
Thank You again to all the nurses here in the USA and around the world. Thank You NYU Langone
Sending so much love and respect to all of the healthcare workers. You are angels❤🙏
Thank you!
Your are selfless Isaac!!! Keep doing good things for others 😄. It's an amazing platform you have. Xo
Thank you Isaac for all you do!
You're incredible, Issac!!!
What a great cause! Can't wait to continue donating and dancing
Thanks Isaac for all you do xxx
Thank you Isaac and Steph! I love you and your hearts!!
Thrilled to support Isaac on this next philanthrofitness journey!!!

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