Support expectant mamas at NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn

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Support expectant mamas at NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn

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Hey mamas!

Thanks to each of you, Heymama is so lucky to have a community of passionate, hardworking, and relentless mamas that always have each other’s backs. But we know far too well that not all mamas are so lucky. 

For this reason, we've partnered with NYU Langone to lighten the load of expectant women in Sunset Park, Brooklyn where NYU Langone's main hospital is located in the borough. 

Your contribution will be used to help complete a baby bag which includes a baby carrier, swaddles & bibs, a starter pack of diapers and wipes, and onesies. The baby bags will be gifted to 40-50 expectant mamas at the Family Health Centers at NYU Langone baby shower & workshop on December 5. These baby showers and workshops not only celebrate the mamas-to-be, but include a strong educational component focusing on maternal self- care as well as newborn health and safety.  

$150= one complete baby bag 
$100= a 5-pack of onesies for seven baby bags
$50 = baby carrier
$30= box of diapers  

If you feel motivated to donate any amount, no matter the size, please do. Your gift would mean so much to us, and even more to so many mamas who depend on the work of NYU Langone's faculty and staff. Thank you for your support.

This campaign supports: FHC Education

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