Rheumatology and Covid Relief in honor of Dr. Gary Solomon

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Rheumatology and Covid Relief in honor of Dr. Gary Solomon

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As many of you know, I am severely immunocompromised and immunodeficient. In fact, I’ve taken four vaccines and my body is still unable to create enough antibodies to be protected from Covid-19. I’ve been vigilant about isolating, social distancing and masking and have been blessed to stay well thus far.

I am saddened and extraordinarily nervous now about the Delta variant. Anger floods me when I think about the simple fact that had everyone been vaccinated, we wouldn’t be dealing with the variant.

Approximately 2% of our population is immunocompromised. Some are successful with the vaccine and many are not. For those of us who continue to be vulnerable to Covid-19, our lives continue in isolation and with great fear.

For my birthday, I’d deeply appreciate it if you would donate to NYU Langone Rheumatology. I do this with heartfelt appreciation for Dr. Gary Solomon, who has worked tirelessly to keep me healthy during this pandemic. There are no words to truly express my thankfulness to a doctor who is always responsive and has guided me and my daughter through this very challenging time.

We currently have more data on these vaccines than we have ever had in any trial. They are safe, effective and can stamp out this pandemic. I don’t usually do this sort of thing. Please know any donation is not too small. I am incredibly grateful for your help and consideration. To many more Happy Birthday’s to me!


Happy to support anything you do 🤗
What a wonderful idea! Dr. Solomon has certainly done all he can to keep you healthy. Thanks to him and all the others who work hard to keep us safe from COVID. Love you, dear sister! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others!
Dr. Solomon was my dr as well. I share your thoughts and concerns! Stay well.

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