#FriendofNYCFC | Volunteer-run NYC Free Clinic for uninsured patients

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#FriendofNYCFC | Volunteer-run NYC Free Clinic for uninsured patients

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"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

No one should ever have to suffer from untreated health needs, yet the staggering cost of medical care makes healthcare completely inaccessible for many people in New York City. At the New York City Free Clinic (NYCFC), our mission is to push back against the injustice of healthcare inequity by providing primary care services to those in need at absolutely no cost to the patient. Our all-volunteer team of students and healthcare professionals seeks to provide care for anyone who needs it, especially the uninsured, the unhoused, and the disenfranchised of New York. The clinic and our team provides a full range of primary care services at no cost, including lab work, specialty referrals, case management, and patient education. To continue pursuing our vision, we rely on the generosity of donors such as yourself to cover the cost of our patients’ care and to keep the Free Clinic free. 

We are in need of your support and donations to help continue the critical care provided by our clinic. But just how much benefit does a donation provide? With your help, a donation of $250 can cover the cost of one outpatient ambulatory surgery, and a generous donation of $1,000 can provide a Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive device. Even a $20 donation can account for critical specialty office visits and appointments for patients. With your help, NYCFC can provide life-changing care to patients with nowhere else to go.

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