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Help Me Support the COVID-19 Fight

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About My Campaign

Dearest Friends,

I’d like to invite you to contribute to my fundraising campaign for those on the front lines against COVID-19 at NYU Langone Health.

I have been looked after by the amazing medics at NYU, having undergone multiple surgeries there. I am grateful for the wonderful care I received, and I wish to support this hospital in any way I can as they attack this pandemic head on, putting the lives of their healthcare workers at risk.

There are so many reasons to support this community to facilitate the best medical care, research, and education. The least I can do for this place that holds a special place in my heart is to say thank you. I hope you will join me in this too.

Please consider donating any amount you are comfortable with. No amount is too big or too small. The contributions will go to:

  • Caring for patients with COVID-19 at major locations, including testing centers at Tisch Hospital in Manhattan, NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, and NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island
  • Employee relief to ensure frontline clinicians, nurses, and staff receive the care and support they need to focus on the health and safety of patients at all of our campuses
  • Research to improve testing and speed diagnoses to deepen our understanding of the virus and stop the spread

Thank you so much for your support.

Lizzie xx

How Your Support Makes a Difference

This campaign supports: COVID-19 Response

Your gift supports the greatest needs of patients with COVID-19, and of frontline teams and researchers as they work to combat—and ultimately end—this pandemic.


It's great that you're doing this Lizzie!
Thank you for all you are doing!
God bless you Lizzie and everyone at NYU LANGONE.
This will all be over one day, even if we can't see the end, but until it is, the world needs you heroes to keep doing what you are doing. Lives are saved because of you. Second chances are given because of you. You may feel alone but the world is with u.
Thank you, Lizzie, for caring for those who need it! Dear frontline staff of NYU Langone, keep the faith! You are all heroes. X
You're doing great work Lizzie! ❤️ xoxo.
Thanks Lizzy! Thank you NYU Langone!
Thanks Lizzie!
Great idea Lizzie!
Thank you Lizzie & NYU!

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