In Memory of Frank Cole Spencer, MD – “The Boss”

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In Memory of Frank Cole Spencer, MD – “The Boss”

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Friends and colleagues,

In honor of the life and legacy of Frank Cole Spencer, MD, we hope that you will join us in advancing education and research for residents and faculty in NYU School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery by making a contribution to the Frank Cole Spencer Fund. Your contribution will serve as an extension of Dr. Spencer’s profound commitment to educating the next generation of surgeons and fostering innovation and discovery among surgery residents and faculty at NYU School of Medicine.

Dr. Spencer passed away on July 23, 2018. His storied career as a surgeon included two years in the U.S. Navy Medical Corps during the Korean War, where he saved countless young soldiers from gangrene and amputation through novel artery repair, gaining him Navy’s Legion of Merit Award for exemplary service. As chair of NYU School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery from 1966 to 1998, Dr. Spencer touched the lives and careers of innumerable residents and faculty members as an exemplary surgeon and teacher. Dr. Spencer made education a top priority and received numerous accolades for his teaching, twice earning the Distinguished Teacher Award from NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Spencer once said, "In my professional career, I refused to take a position that didn't involve teaching, because much of my good fortune comes from teachers who cared about me and wanted me to succeed."

Dr. Spencer’s approach to medicine lives on in his trainees, many of whom went on to become surgical chairs throughout the country. His enthusiasm can best be summed up by his American College of Surgeons presidential address in 1990, where he said, “I remain as enthusiastic and excited about the pleasures and opportunities of surgery and medicine as in my early house officer days. My attitude is a blend of confident optimism with pragmatic realism.”

We are deeply indebted to Dr. Spencer for his many contributions to NYU Langone, the Department of Surgery, and the world of medicine. Thank you for honoring Dr. Spencer’s enduring commitment to education and research by supporting the Frank Cole Spencer Fund at the NYU School of Medicine.



This campaign supports: Frank Cole Spencer


Leon Pachter through his teaching and academic career as well as his clinical skills, has continued in the tradition of Dr. Frank Spencer.
For the lasting impact Dr. Spencer has had on the Department of Surgery, preserved and accentuated under Dr. Pachter's leadership, and for all that the NYU Surgery family has done for me and my career
To Dr. Pachter: Congratulations on a great run as the Chair of the department. You were my chief resident, my mentor and teacher, and whether you realize it or not, you have always been there to set the example and the bar high. THANK YOU!
There isn't a day that goes by that i don't recognize the impact that Dr Spencer had on me. I hear his voice in my head every time I interact with a patient and that voice implores me to do the best for every patient.
What we all know is that he spawned a crowd of superior surgeons. His legacy.
What a great mentor and leader... One of a kind.
this is a small token of thanks for what NYU has done for me.
Happy and proud to support this initiative. Dr. Spencer and NYU surgery gave me so much.
I'm incredibly thankful for my years at NYU with Dr. Spencer and all that I learned and took away to further quality healthcare. RIP Dr. Spencer, you're time with us was of incredible value to all.
In honor of Dr. Spencer, who had a profound effect on my career.
How fortunate we were to have him as a mentor. So many patients have benefited by his wisdom and mastery. His spirit lives on in our work.
He was an extraordinary giant in the era of giants!
With deep gratitude, admiration and respect for the boss!
For the Boss.

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