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Support the Empower Lab’s Fight Against Gender-Based Violence

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Dear Friends,

The Empower Lab has been combating gender-based violence and supporting survivors through clinical research and advocacy. We work to further gender equity through scientific approaches to issues of gender-based violence such as sexual violence, sex trafficking, domestic violence, female genital cutting, military sexual trauma and other issues that disproportionately affect low-income women.

The Empower Lab approaches sexual- and gender-based violence as a health issue. We seek to identify the unique health challenges faced by survivors, as well as understand how the healthcare system can implement trauma-informed care that will benefit survivors. Our specific studies are described on our website.

For many Research Assistants in the Empower Lab, it is their first experience carrying out scientific research. Many join the lab because of its focus on issues of gender-based violence and then discover a passion for research. The Empower Lab, which is approximately 80% women, is an innovative way of getting and keeping women in STEM. It provides an opportunity to conduct scientific research on subjects that are of direct relevance to women, and provides important foundational skills for a career in science.

Funding for sexual violence research is scarce, as research funds for violence typically go towards other topics like car accidents or gun violence. The Empower Lab continues to apply for grant opportunities, but these are usually applied to specific projects, and cannot be used for lab infrastructure or administration. Small donations can go a long way to supporting the efforts of the Empower Lab.  Please help us fight against gender-based violence through support of our lab and study participants.

Your generous support will also go a long way to showcasing NYU Langone’s commitment to fighting gender-based violence and supporting survivors of sexual trauma.

Thank you!




You are doing such important and impactful work and I'm pleased to be able to help in a small way.
I am consistently amazed by the incredible work you're doing and can't thank you enough for doing it!
This inspired work is motivating and will save lives. Thank you for your vision and persistence!

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