Erin, Melissa, & Lauren's #FitForTheFrontline Fundraiser

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Erin, Melissa, & Lauren's #FitForTheFrontline Fundraiser

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Dr. Erin Meier, Resident Physician, Melissa Moser, Patient Services Manager, and Dr. Lauren Donnelly, Clinical Psychologist, are raising funds for NYU Langone Health's Fit For the Frontline fundraiser. Our fundraising efforts will go directly to the NYU Medical Residency Program to support Residents' heroic fight against COVID-19.

Erin and Melissa have been working on the frontline daily. While many of us have been able to transition to work from home, Erin and Melissa have continued to care for patients and improve patient experiences during this very difficult time. They have worked tirelessly in extremely challenging conditions, and their courageous efforts have not gone unnoticed. Now, it's time to show them our support!

Through NYU Langone Health's Fit For the Frontline campaign, we are pledging 1,800 minutes of exercise and we invite you to join in with us! From May 27th through June 14th, we will run, walk, bike, attempt yoga, and do other physically distant activities.

Join us by:

  1. Donating to this campaign to support Erin, Melissa, and all frontline heroes!
  2. Move your body in any way you choose—by yourself or with your family!
  3. Post your healthy activity on social media with #FitForTheFrontline and tag @nyulangone.

We thank you all for your continued support.


Thank you,

Erin, Melissa, & Lauren


This campaign supports: Medicine Residency Program


Thank you for what you all do.
Happy to support our frontline workers.

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