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Peaks for Parkinson's

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My name is Blake Dignes. Peaks for Parkinson’s has been my year and a half long journey hiking the 35 more than 3,500-foot peaks in the Catskills to support NYU Langone Medical Center’s Parkinson's & Movement Disorders Center in memory of my grandmother. I am continuing my journey by hiking more peaks in other areas and expanding these journeys to include other locations. Hikes for this cause have already reached as far as Colorado. I hope this brings awareness to this cause and aids researchers in finding cures for those living with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. Visit my Facebook page: Altitude for Alzheimer's/Peaks for Parkinson's. You can also donate to Alzheimer's by going to:


Also please “like” my Facebook page and share with as many people as possible and ask them to “like” my page.


Peaks for Parkinson's
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