Pump It Up! Help CSI Tech Raise Money for Alaris Pumps for the New Children’s Hospital

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Pump It Up! Help CSI Tech Raise Money for Alaris Pumps for the New Children’s Hospital

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As Partners with NYU, we are committed to helping them open the top Children’s Hospital in New York City. We need your help. We are raising money over the next 2 years to fund 4 Alaris Pumps, that will significantly improve safety and quality for their pediatric patients. The Alaris® Pump is a specialized medical device that safely delivers intravenous fluids, medications, blood and blood products to pediatric and neonatal patients. Clinicians can attach up to four IV infusion modules, allowing four independent infusions from a single device for NYU Langone’s most critically ill and complex patients. There are numerous safety features that make the Alaris Pump the “gold standard” in Children’s Hospitals. These devices are able to seamlessly integrate with the electronic health record ensuring the precise dosages ordered by physicians and are programmed into the pump for delivery and, importantly documenting the delivery of fluids back into the patient’s record. There is also an added patient safety component through its software that helps reduce the possibility of IV medication errors by providing alerts and guidance when infusions are programmed.

Every dollar matters, so please contribute whatever you feel you can.

Thank you again for your support!

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