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Straight Hair, DO Care!

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Hugers and Friends,

Over the last couple of years, the Huge team has worked closely with the NYULMC Office of Development to build a fundraising site for the NYU Langone Medical Center. With the recent development of peer-to-peer fundraising, Huge now has the opportunity to start its own campaign to support the physicians, educators, and researchers at NYU Langone.

Our team has built some stuff we're really proud of over the past two years. But more importantly, we helped bring to life a way for people to donate to a cause they care about. For this campaign, we chose Cancer Research and Care.

So lets put it to the test! Since our loving team has worked so closely together for so long, we would like to commemorate this time in a Huge kinda way! For the next 30 days, we encourage you to contribute. Think of all the ways this money can help in the continual fight for better, more advanced care! If that is too much for you to handle, CONTRIBUTE BECAUSE CHRIS EDWARDS WILL STRAIGHTEN THOSE LUSCIOUS COPPER LOCS if we reach our goal! Who doesn't want to see the result of that?!

Anyways, we thank you in advance for your contribution, and would love any feedback of your experience!

Huge NYULMC Team

This is Chris. He will straighten his hair for all of our viewing pleasure.
This is Chris. He will straighten his hair for all of our viewing pleasure.
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How Your Support Makes a Difference

This campaign supports: Perlmutter Cancer Center

Your gift will bring us closer to a cure and ensure the best care for those we serve today at the Perlmutter Cancer Center. Help our specialists pioneer research, build important global programs, and deliver tailored, compassionate services to every patient and family in need.


This is the nicest thing ever. We miss you, Ash!
Chris once let me straighten his hair for my birthday and it was glorious. I recommend filling him up with margaritas first.
Beat the cancer.
a gift from jake.
Also excuse my language, I very much dislike Cancer.
Fuck Cancer! - long live weird straight hair.
Go Chris!!!
Great work Team Huge!
Go team!
Love this! And love all of you!
Glad to see what was originally a wild idea during a standup meeting finally come to fruition!
This is a genuine donation. Also, testing OOD-1064. " ' : ! ? &
Not a test donation! :)
Awesome job Huge!!
I want to see cancer end in my lifetime. I'd also like to see Chris with straight hair in my lifetime. This helps accomplish both.
I am Chris Edwards' wife and I can also contribute a hot straightening iron to this cause!

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