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In Loving Memory of Colby Collier

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This page has been created in loving memory of Colby Collier to support the Colby Collier Scholarship fund.

Throughout his 37 years of service at NYU Langone Health, Colby has made a significant impact on many individuals, inspired them to believe in the difference they can make here, and caused them to see what he has known for decades - that this medical center is like nowhere else. Key in innumerable projects large and small, he helped make this institution stronger in many ways. 

Your generous gift will continue Colby's legacy in providing funding to his scholarship fund allowing the most dedicated and deserving scholars the opportunity to pursue their medical education with greater focus, absent from concern for considerable debt.

Together, we can honor Colby in a meaningful way by continuing his work that has made such an impact on our institution. Thank you.


In Memory of Colby Collier, my Boss, Mentor and Friend.

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