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Hirschsprung disease (abbreviated as HSCR) is a problem with the way the gut develops and is present from birth. About 1 in 5000 babies is born with HSCR, though this rate varies two-fold across different ethnic groups for reasons still not fully understood.

At NYU Langone Health, Dr. Aravinda Chakravarti's lab studies Hirschsprung disease, and is conducting a large, ongoing genetic study of the disease. To learn more about Dr. Chakravarti's lab and the important work it does, please click here.

Thank you for supporting the lab and its efforts!

This campaign supports: Dr. Chakravarti's Hirschsprung Disease Study


Its a rare disease and we dont find common ground. MYsterious condition with continued, unaswered questions. Thank you for taking this up.
This money was raised for Rare Disease Research at our daughter's elementary school as part of our recognition of Rare Disease Day on 2/28. She, her dad, and sister all have HD. She does a wonderful job of raising awareness.
HH191016. Blue horse
Confirmation Code HD0919
C060914 For my Hirschsprung's disease warrior Amora! She is almost 6..she was diagnosed at 1 week old and had her first surgery at 15 days old. She was in the NICU for 74 days and they used her as a Guinea pig. She has had 3 surgeries to repair the first.
C050810 & C150810 confirmation code HD aware bears.
Confirmation Code: C180810
HD0504A This is to my son who is my HD warrior. He was diagnosed at 2 days old and had pull through surgery at 7 days old. He has lo g segment HD.
Thanks for all you do!
HD Awareness Bear - so cute!
Holiday Donation to promote Hirschsprung's Disease Research.
This is the money I collected from my birthday fundraiser. Thanks for all you do!
Donation in recognition of the inaugural official Hirschsprung's Disease Awareness Month, Sept. 2018.

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