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I'm trying to raise money to help find a cure for epilepsy. Back on September 17th of 2013 my cousin Zachery was born. Within a week he was diagnosed with epilepsy. None of the medication the doctors gave him could stop all of the seizures. Zachery spent most of his 3 months with us in and out of hospitals. In that 3 months everyone who met Zachery fell in love with him. He truly was the sweetest baby. On December 23rd 2013 Zachery passes away in his sleep. It was the saddest time for my whole family. Knowing he was never going to grow up and live the life he deserved hurt the most. Watching Zachery suffer and lose his fight so young made me want to help others with this disease.

Please help me raise money so others with this horrible disease will have a chance at a life without suffering.

Help find a cure
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How Your Support Makes a Difference

This campaign supports: FACES (Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures)

Your gift to FACES helps our specialists make major strides toward a cure for epilepsy, while providing exceptional clinical care, education, awareness, and support to all who come to us for care. 

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