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Mary Lynn Brassil MS, RN, CES, C-EFM

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Perinatal Bereavement Program

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Dear Friends,

In recognition of National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, each October our team holds a memorial walk in remembrance of babies lost. Due to Covid-19, we were unable to come together this Fall. On October 24, we were able to hold a small virtual service for parents, siblings and families. 

We ask now for your support of the NYU Winthrop Hospital Perinatal Bereavement Program. All donations go directly to support parents and families who have experienced the tragic loss of a baby. Funds are utilized to provide the following to parents and families -

-        Access to a perinatal bereavement library containing educational and informational tools.

-        The creation of individual memory boxes for parents which contain meaningful remembrance items . . . a wisp of hair, photos and footprints.

-        Comfort Cubs provided to assist in easing the trauma of significant loss.

-        Unique equipment to support parents suffering loss in labor and delivery.

If you feel motivated to donate any amount, no matter the size, it is truly appreciated. Your gift would mean so much to the parents and family members, who depend on the work of the perinatal bereavement team.

Thank you for your support.

Mary Lynn Brassil MS, RN, CES, C-EFM

Coordinator, Perinatal Bereavement Team

Perinatal Bereavement Program
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This campaign supports: Perinatal Bereavement Program


Thank you so much for all the support the perinatal bereavement team offers families.❤🙏

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