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In Memory of Bozena Biedo

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I’d like to invite you to join my family in remembering my mother, Bozena Biedo, through support for research at NYU Langone Health. There are so many reasons to support this important work and continue to advance our understanding of brain tumors.

The Neurosurgical Laboratory for Stem Cell Research, which is headed by Dr. Placantonakis, studies stem cell biology in the context of glioma, a malignant brain tumor. We adapt human embryonic stem cell and genetic technologies to model oncogenic processes, with the goal of understanding the early steps in glioma formation and developing translational applications, such as high-throughput drug screening and biomarker identification. Furthermore, we use genetic approaches and patients' tissue to generate models for high-grade gliomas, with emphasis on the role of stem cells in pathogenesis and new therapeutic approaches that directly target them. Our ultimate goal is to translate our laboratory findings to new therapies and diagnostic tests for patients with glioma.

Dr. Placantonakis is a tenure-track physician-scientist, with an interest in the treatment of gliomas and brain tumors, who divides his time between his neurosurgical practice and the laboratory. His laboratory receives support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), private donors, and private foundations.

If you feel motivated to donate any amount, no matter the size, please do. Your gift would mean so much to our family, and even more to so many others who depend on the work of NYU Langone's faculty and staff.

Thank you for your support, The Biedo Family



This is a small but significant effort to support the committed doctors who do research to save their patient's lives.
Always in our hearts. Keep up the fight.
Bozena will live on in our memories. We are sorry for your loss. Warm wishes to you and all those who loved her. - Rachel and Jon Edelson
She was a beautiful soul.
We hope that you are at peace. Take care Dave and Jean
With sadness and prayers for Izzy and her family.
Forever my loving wife
Izzy and family. Darrin and I are so sorry for the loss.
Always in our hearts Missing you every day .Rest in Peace Bozenko .♥️
Our thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family.
Lauren and I share some of our fondest memories with you and your family! If Bozena believes he will make the difference for others then this is money well spent in her name!
In memory of my resilient and loving mother. Love you forever and always Mama.

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