Patient Respite Program for HJD in honor of Dr. Jeffrey Cohen

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Patient Respite Program for HJD in honor of Dr. Jeffrey Cohen

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Create a spacious, warm and welcoming environment that promotes emotional well-being for patients and their families separate from and in addition to the more formalized individual therapeutic activities. The respite area will consist of a comfortable and calming day room. We envision: materials and lighting appropriate to the needs of orthopedic and neurological patients; the introduction of residential and/or spa-like furnishings; replacing the ceiling and overhead lighting with warm solutions; a large screen TV; repainting for a more welcoming atmosphere; replacing the cabinetry; introducing natural green elements; organizing food preparation area; a built-in fish tank; rugs and artwork/photography/paintings.

The Respite area will honor Dr Jeffrey Cohen whose devotion to rehabilitation and dedication to his patients serves as the inspiration for this program. Please consider joining in this effort and making a donation.


Your support will help to enhance rehabilitation and recovery by providing an atmosphere distinct from the stresses of hospitalization and constant attention to patients' medical condition, so they and their families can share experiences, support and encourage one another's efforts, find respite and relaxation,and participate in recreational activities in an optimal setting.

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This campaign supports: Rusk Rehabilitation


More opportunities for patients to talk to each other about their frustrations and challenges, their losses and gains, is a worthwhile goal
What a beautiful intention; to create a sanctuary that enhances the healing and caring process for patients and their families.
Thanks for recognizing family members also needs to unwind and regain their strength and optimism.
This will be a boon to the patients.
Congrats to Dr. Barron for another wonderful project to inspire others and offer hope!

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