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Summer Miles for Multiple Sclerosis

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2nd Annual Summer Miles for Multiple Sclerosis

Sunday 6/20 to Wednesday 9/22


On October 27, 2019 I woke up and thought whoa, this is what getting old feels like! My wife and I had just labored through hosting our daughter’s 1st birthday at our home the day before, and I was sure I definitely pulled something in my right upper body. Classic dad move. Turns out, classic mixup. 

Three months later I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic disease that must be managed over the course of a lifetime. Thankfully, between the amazing care I am receiving at NYU Langone and my own focus on exercise, I am managing the heck out of it. 

After learning about the positive impact exercise has on people with MS, I immediately got to work. A majority of my exercise has been running, and as I continue this healthy endeavor, I invite you again to participate in my 2nd Annual Summer Miles for Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser. 

As I mentioned, MS is a disorder that must be managed over the course of a lifetime. Unfortunately, MS affects children as well as adults. When a child is diagnosed with MS, their ongoing treatment begins at an early age. Dr. Lauren Krupp, my doctor (hope that does not violate HIPAA), is a world renowned expert in pediatric MS, and she is the director of the MS Division at NYU Langone. During my Summer Miles for Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser we will be supporting Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis to raise funds and awareness for Dr. Krupp and the Pediatric MS Center at NYU Langone. As I manage my own condition, my wish is to help others with MS do the same. That continues this summer, by all of us exercising to help children with MS.


I am extremely grateful for your support and help!



Frank Argento Jr.






This campaign supports: Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Support


Good luck!!
Go Frank go
Good job Dada!
Thanks for doing this Frank! My love, Layney

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