This is just the beginning

Because of Sala, we have created a far-reaching culture of child- and family-centered care.

I always knew I wanted to be a surgeon.

I arranged to spend the last six months of medical school in London at the Hospital for Sick Children, which is the largest children’s hospital in England. It was just a wonderful experience. That cemented my feelings about being a pediatric surgeon.

When you go into a room and you see the resiliency of children, it really inspires you. There are children that have terminal cancer who are so cheerful and so optimistic that it makes you feel there’s no reason for you to go home and complain about anything.

Children don’t just heal because they have an operation. Families don’t just heal because their child had an operation. It’s been shown in numerous studies that healing is improved when there is overall support for the family, and for the child, not just medically but socially—through child life services, and through all the other ancillary services that aid in helping these children heal and also in helping them get over some of the struggles that go along with chronic disease and even acute disease.

Our whole way of doing family-centered care is really unique here. We have a structure for it, we have finances—we have everything in place. We have wonderful people leading it. We have wonderful people supporting it. I think that’s significantly different from other institutions.

Through the Sala Institute, what we’re looking at is our next generation and the generation after that. We’re at the beginning of what the Sala Institute can be. Sala enables us to care for the child and the family, and not only make them better medically, but make them better citizens, make them better advocates for healthcare, and improve quality of life, not only for them, but for the people they come in contact with.

We’re looking at a highway. That highway has no end in sight. I think we need support to be able to continue on that highway.

Howard Ginsburg, MD
Division Director of Pediatric Surgery
Clinical Leadership, Sala Institute


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