Real Superheroes Don’t Appear in Comics, They Sell Them

9-year-old boy thanks doctors by raising support the best way he knows how.

Brendan of Garden City, New York, wants to see a vaccine for coronavirus. To support the cause at NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island, he made a donation with money he raised by selling his comic books. See below for Brendan’s note.

Officers at the U.S. Naval Academy learned of Brendan’s generosity and awarded him a “Volunteer Hero Award.” Said Commander Brian Ponce, Director of Waterfront Readiness at the U.S. Naval Academy: 

Brendan's extraordinary desire to help, combined with creating his own project to completion, was very inspiring for a young man his age. To be aware of the suffering around him, it was truly remarkable. He was so dedicated to the care of others, specifically wanting all the money he raised to be applied in making a vaccine for the coronavirus. That spark of insight and humility is a perfect reminder of why even the smallest of contributions carry a deeper and profound meaning in giving of oneself to a greater cause. Brendan's efforts remind all of us--it all starts with a simple act to improve the quality of life for others.

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