Giving Back With Gratitude

After watching both of his parents cope with a cancer diagnosis, Marc Holliday and his wife, Sheree, decided to give back to the numerous NYU Langone doctors, nurses, and staff who helped their family through this pivotal life chapter.  


Marc and Sheree Holliday

Cancer touches nearly all of our lives. About one in three people face a cancer diagnosis at some point, which means that almost everyone knows someone with the disease. Sheree and Marc Holliday knew two people: Marc’s parents, who both received care at what was then the NYU Cancer Institute—now the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center. The entire time Marc’s parents were in treatment, Sheree and Marc were pillars of support, accompanying them on many clinic visits, where the family forged close ties with doctors, nurses, and staff that continue to this day.  

“We were exposed to a number of impressive doctors and we have a lot to thank them for,” says Marc. “We feel an obligation to give back to an institution that has had a huge influence on our lives.”

The Hollidays have shown their lasting gratitude in many ways, from support for educational programs for oncology fellows, to the purchase of entertainment carts for the Stephen D. Hassenfeld Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders—mobile movie stations that help take pediatric patients’ minds off of their treatments while in the clinic.  

The Hollidays’ most recent gift enabled the purchase of an Illumina NextSeq 500, a genetic sequencing machine that detects cancer-related cell mutations in a much faster and cost-effective way, and could potentially offer patients even more personalized cancer treatment options.

“With cancer diagnostics advancing so quickly through improved technology, we thought the Illumina NexSeq 500 could play a pivotal role in the future of care,” explains Marc. “The equipment is just step one; the cancer center itself will make all the difference. We know the machine will be put to good use by some of the most qualified doctors, researchers, and technicians in the world.”

The Hollidays encourage everyone to give back, in any amount, to NYU Langone—an institution that they feel helps so many. “We hope others will pursue a similar path of giving and, in general, try to be charitable to the city in which we live and work,” Marc says.

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