Get Fit for the Front Line!

A Fitness Challenge to Support Frontline Heroes May 26 - June 14

Starting May 26th, get Fit for the Front Line! Dedicate your physical activity, donate, and raise money from your friends and family.

The Heroes
NYU Langone’s doctors, nurses, scientists, and hospital workers have risen up unrelentingly against COVID-19. Now, the #FitForTheFrontLine challenge empowers people of all ages and sizes to support and honor these frontline heroes as they continue to save lives.

The Reason
COVID-19 will not be vanquished overnight. The fight will continue. Our frontline workers will care for patients with long-term effects of the virus, and these brave heroes may yet mobilize again to face future outbreaks. They need our support.

The Event
From May 26th to June 14th, Fit for the Front Line encourages people of all ages to move, exercise, and get fit to raise funds in honor of NYU Langone’s healthcare heroes.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Sign the pledge to get #FitForTheFrontline.
  2. Move your body in any way you choose—by yourself or with your family!
  3. Post your healthy activity on social media with #FitForTheFrontLine and tag @nyulangone.
  4. Challenge your friends and family to donate—and do the same.
  5. Join the team of NYU Langone’s frontline heroes and start an online fundraising campaign with them!


#FitForTheFrontline is a national fitness challenge started by medical centers across the United States to honor and support frontline heroes who have worked tirelessly to save lives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. NYU Langone Health joins forces with more than 20 national partners to launch this movement.