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Preeti Saigal, PhD

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  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Education and Training
  • PhD from George Washington University, 2007

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Locations and Appointments

160 East 32nd St., L-3 Medical Level
New York, NY 10016


  • Neuropsychological Outcomes on "Head Start" III: A Prospective, Non-Randomized Multi-Institutional Clinical Trial, 2003-2009 [Meeting Abstract]

    O'Neil, SH; Kayser, K; Jin, Z; Finlay, JL; Dhall, G; Nelson, MBaron; Gardner, SL; Saigal, P; Haley, K; Sands, S

    Pediatric blood & cancer. 2016 Nov; 63:S24-S24

  • Barichello, T; Badawy, M; Pitcher, M R; Saigal, P; Generoso, J S; Goularte, J A; Simoes, L R; Quevedo, J; Carvalho, A F

    Current molecular medicine. 2016 Nov ; 16(2):106-18

  • Saha, Aniket; Salley, Christina G; Saigal, Preeti; Rolnitzky, Linda; Goldberg, Judith; Scott, Suzanne; Olshefski, Randal; Hukin, Juliette; Sands, Stephen A; Finlay, Jonathan; Gardner, Sharon L

    Pediatric blood & cancer. 2014 Sep ; 61(9):1644-52; quiz 1653

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