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Feng Liu, MD

  • Specialty: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Language: English


  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Education and Training
  • Fellowship, NYU Medical Center Bellevue Hospital, Child & Adol. Psych., 2003
  • MD from Tongji Medical University, 1982

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Research My Research


Stimulants and ADHD, Anxiety and Depression , Gene, Diseases and Treatment

Academic Contact

Academic office

184 Eldridge

First Floor

New York, NY 10002



Research Interests Timeline

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  • Molecular profiling of transcription factors pinpoints MYC-estrogen related receptor alpha-regulatory factor X5 panel for characterizing the immune microenvironment and predicting the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors in renal cell carcinoma

    Liu, F; Zhang, H; Xue, L; Yang, Q; Yan, W

    Oncology letters. 2019 August; 18(2):1895-1903

  • Yu, Yankun; Zhang, Mengrong; Chen, Ren; Liu, Feng; Zhou, Pengfei; Bu, Lei; Xu, Ying; Zheng, Lei

    Journal of pharmacological & toxicological methods. 2019 Apr 22; 98:106577

  • Mikkelsen, Mark; Rimbault, Daniel L; Barker, Peter B; Bhattacharyya, Pallab K; Brix, Maiken K; Buur, Pieter F; Cecil, Kim M; Chan, Kimberly L; Chen, David Y-T; Craven, Alexander R; Cuypers, Koen; Dacko, Michael; Duncan, Niall W; Dydak, Ulrike; Edmondson, David A; Ende, Gabriele; Ersland, Lars; Forbes, Megan A; Gao, Fei; Greenhouse, Ian; Harris, Ashley D; He, Naying; Heba, Stefanie; Hoggard, Nigel; Hsu, Tun-Wei; Jansen, Jacobus F A; Kangarlu, Alayar; Lange, Thomas; Lebel, R Marc; Li, Yan; Lin, Chien-Yuan E; Liou, Jy-Kang; Lirng, Jiing-Feng; Liu, Feng; Long, Joanna R; Ma, Ruoyun; Maes, Celine; Moreno-Ortega, Marta; Murray, Scott O; Noah, Sean; Noeske, Ralph; Noseworthy, Michael D; Oeltzschner, Georg; Porges, Eric C; Prisciandaro, James J; Puts, Nicolaas A J; Roberts, Timothy P L; Sack, Markus; Sailasuta, Napapon; Saleh, Muhammad G; Schallmo, Michael-Paul; Simard, Nicholas; Stoffers, Diederick; Swinnen, Stephan P; Tegenthoff, Martin; Truong, Peter; Wang, Guangbin; Wilkinson, Iain D; Wittsack, Hans-Jörg; Woods, Adam J; Xu, Hongmin; Yan, Fuhua; Zhang, Chencheng; Zipunnikov, Vadim; Zöllner, Helge J; Edden, Richard A E

    Neuroimage. 2019 Mar 03; 191:537-548

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