Support for Cystic Fibrosis

Ongoing care for people with cystic fibrosis often involves the support of a variety of specialists, including nutritionists, physical therapists, social workers, and psychologists. Doctors coordinate care for your child through the Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care, part of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone, ensuring that your family has access to the many resources that can support you and your child throughout treatment. Our cystic fibrosis experts also make sure that the transition from pediatric care to adult care at NYU Langone is smooth and seamless.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists are trained to provide chest therapy, in the hospital or on an outpatient basis, for people with cystic fibrosis. They may recommend special devices to aid in breathing and improve lung function. They can also work with parents to develop a physical activity plan that improves the child’s lung function, overall health, and quality of life.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Our cystic fibrosis specialists work closely with our pulmonary rehabilitation experts, who offer outpatient and inpatient lung exercise therapy programs. Your doctor may use specialized pulmonary exercise tests to help determine appropriate levels of exercise to optimize lung function and improve airway clearance.

Preventing Infections

Doctors at NYU Langone strongly recommend keeping your child’s vaccination schedule up to date. Vaccines against viral and bacterial infectious diseases, including influenza and pneumonia, are an important way to maintain health and prevent complications from infections. This is particularly important for children and adults with cystic fibrosis, who are at increased risk of infection.

Our doctors can also offer advice, based on the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s infection-control guidelines, about how you can help to reduce your child’s risk of getting an infection. Recommendations include washing hands frequently, limiting exposure to others who are sick, and staying away from large crowds.

Tobacco Cessation

Our doctors strongly discourage people with cystic fibrosis from smoking and urge them to avoid exposure to second-hand smoke. Our Tobacco Cessation Programs can help those who smoke to quit for good.

Emotional Support

Specialists from the Child Study Center, part of Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital of New York, are available to help families cope with the stress of a cystic fibrosis diagnosis and the demands of care. Our counselors can also suggest online support groups for people with cystic fibrosis and their families.

Insurance Support

Treatment for cystic fibrosis can be expensive, especially if you don’t have health insurance. Our social workers can help families to determine which cystic fibrosis treatments are covered by insurance and can offer advice about other options to help your child gets the treatments he or she needs to maintain health and well being.

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