Speech, Swallowing & Voice Rehabilitation

If you’ve undergone treatment for head and neck cancer, had fold surgery, experienced prolonged intubation, or have a progressive neurological disease, you may also experience difficulty with voice, speech, and swallowing. 

Dr. Ryan Branski

Dr. Ryan Branski, associate professor of otolaryngology.

Our speech pathology experts at NYU Langone’s Voice Center provide an accurate diagnosis and create a treatment plan aimed at improving your communication and swallowing skills. 

We can help with the following:

  • improving voice problems after head and neck cancer treatment
  • the impact on the voice after vocal cord surgery, radiotherapy, or voice overuse or misuse
  • swallowing problems, such as after head and neck cancer treatment or surgery involving the larynx

We also can help you improve your everyday communication skills by working with you on issues such as voice pitch, projection, accent, and nonverbal communication. If you’ve had a total laryngectomy, we can help you learn to communicate with methods such as using an electrolarynx, esophageal speech, or voice prosthesis.

To evaluate swallowing disorders, we use X-ray fluoroscopy to identify abnormal swallowing. We then develop therapeutic techniques to help you swallow efficiently and safety. 

For more information, please call 646-754-8642 or email voicecenter@med.nyu.edu.