Nadia Amin at [NYU Langone Medical Center]

Nadia N. Amin, MD

  • Specialty: Internal Medicine
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Spanish, Urdu
  • Phone: 914-556-4700

About Me

Conditions and Treatments

primary care


  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Internal Medicine - Internal Medicine, 2008
Education and Training
  • MD from Suny - Upstate, 2014
  • Residency, Jackson Memorial Hospital (Miami, FL), Medicine, 2008

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  • Aetna
    • Aetna HMO
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    • Aetna International
    • Aetna Medicare Managed Care
    • Aetna Meritain Health
    • Aetna Open Access Elect Choice (EPO)
    • Aetna Open Access HMO
    • Aetna POS
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    • Aetna Student Health
    • Chesterfield Resources Inc
    • Christian Brothers Services
    • CoreSource
    • Nippon Life Of America - Aetna
    • Nippon Life-Aetna
    • Starmark
    • WellNet
  • BCBS GHI Composite
    • BCBS GHI Composite
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    • BCBS Healthy New York
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    • BCBS Mediblue Medicare HMO
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    • BCBS Open Access PPO (Hb Only)
    • BCBS POS
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    • Local 32BJ SEIU
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    • BCBS Healthplus NY Medicaid Managed Care NY
    • BCBS Healthplus Special Needs
  • Fidelis Care
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    • Fidelis Care Silver 250 Exchange
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    • Fidelis Essential Plan 2
    • Fidelis Essential Plan 4
  • GEHA
    • GEHA
  • GHI
    • American Plan Administrators
    • American Plan Administrators - C/O H.D.A
    • GHI Emblem Health EPO
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    • GHI HMO Medicare
    • GHI Medicare PPO
    • GHI Medicare Supplement
    • IUOE Local 14-14B
    • Wlny-TV Inc.
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    • GHI Composite
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  • United Healthcare Community
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    • United Community Essential Plan 4
    • United Healthcare Community
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NYU Langone Hudson Valley Medical Associates

1985 Crompond Road
Cortlandt, NY 10567



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Research Research Interests Timeline

These focus areas and their associated publications are derived from PubMed and the MeSH term library.
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  • A novel Alzheimer disease locus located near the gene encoding tau protein

    Jun, G; Ibrahim-Verbaas, C A; Vronskaya, M; Lambert, J-C; Chung, J; Naj, A C; Kunkle, B W; Wang, L-S; Bis, J C; Bellenguez, C; Harold, D; Lunetta, K L; Destefano, A L; Grenier-Boley, B; Sims, R; Beecham, G W; Smith, A V; Chouraki, V; Hamilton-Nelson, K L; Ikram, M A; Fievet, N; Denning, N; Martin, E Jun, G; Ibrahim-Verbaas, C A; Vronskaya, M; Lambert, J-C; Chung, J; Naj, A C; Kunkle, B W; Wang, L-S; Bis, J C; Bellenguez, C; Harold, D; Lunetta, K L; Destefano, A L; Grenier-Boley, B; Sims, R; Beecham, G W; Smith, A V; Chouraki, V; Hamilton-Nelson, K L; Ikram, M A; Fievet, N; Denning, N; Martin, E R; Schmidt, H; Kamatani, Y; Dunstan, M L; Valladares, O; Laza, A R; Zelenika, D; Ramirez, A; Foroud, T M; Choi, S-H; Boland, A; Becker, T; Kukull, W A; van der Lee, S J; Pasquier, F; Cruchaga, C; Beekly, D; Fitzpatrick, A L; Hanon, O; Gill, M; Barber, R; Gudnason, V; Campion, D; Love, S; Bennett, D A; Amin, N; Berr, C; Tsolaki, Magda; Buxbaum, J D; Lopez, O L; Deramecourt, V; Fox, N C; Cantwell, L B; Tarraga, L; Dufouil, C; Hardy, J; Crane, P K; Eiriksdottir, G; Hannequin, D; Clarke, R; Evans, D; Mosley, T H Jr; Letenneur, L; Brayne, C; Maier, W; De Jager, P; Emilsson, V; Dartigues, J-F; Hampel, H; Kamboh, M I; de Bruijn, R F A G; Tzourio, C; Pastor, P; Larson, E B; Rotter, J I; O'Donovan, M C; Montine, T J; Nalls, M A; Mead, S; Reiman, E M; Jonsson, P V; Holmes, C; St George-Hyslop, P H; Boada, M; Passmore, P; Wendland, J R; Schmidt, R; Morgan, K; Winslow, A R; Powell, J F; Carasquillo, M; Younkin, S G; Jakobsdottir, J; Kauwe, J S K; Wilhelmsen, K C; Rujescu, D; Nothen, M M; Hofman, A; Jones, L; Haines, J L; Psaty, B M; Van Broeckhoven, C; Holmans, P; Launer, L J; Mayeux, R; Lathrop, M; Goate, A M; Escott-Price, V; Seshadri, S; Pericak-Vance, M A; Amouyel, P; Williams, J; van Duijn, C M; Schellenberg, G D; Farrer, L A
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