Support for Biliary Atresia

Social workers, nutritionists, and other specialists at NYU Langone can help your family manage your baby’s nutritional needs and any complications, such as infection, that arise after surgery for biliary atresia. You can also seek guidance and education about biliary atresia from the Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care while your baby is being treated in the hospital.

Follow-Up Care

Doctors at NYU Langone offer lifelong care for babies and children after diagnosis and treatment for biliary atresia. During follow-up exams, the doctor performs blood tests every three months to monitor your child’s liver, look for signs of infection, and adjust medications as your child grows. 

Our social workers can offer advice about your child’s medication schedule. They also work with adolescents to ensure that they adhere to their medication regimen. 

Nutritional Support

Biliary atresia can interfere with your child’s ability to absorb certain vitamins and minerals from food. Registered dietitians at NYU Langone can recommend a diet that includes the vitamins and minerals needed to ensure proper growth and development.

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